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for A Boy and His Cloak

2/15/2019 c1 Awesome
It was good but you should have a sex part.
2/7/2019 c1 15MelCrooks
This was such a fun read. Excellent story.
2/4/2019 c1 3BrightSkywalker
You were right. Definitely hot!
2/2/2019 c1 2SPJaymo117
This is the best smut I’ve ever read. Any plans to ever write more chapters?
1/23/2019 c1 2Mister Cuddlesworth
This story is absolutely incredible. It's great that the setup and execution are all completely within the realm of plausibility, and it's not at all difficult to see this actually happening if circumstances had been just ever so slightly different in the books. Both of them, I think, remain firmly in-character throughout, and that's sometimes a difficult thing to do in these stories.

All in all, a very enjoyable read.
1/21/2019 c1 2obliviated fan
Absolutely lovely.
1/19/2019 c1 4Rose00
Just read it and actually liked your plausible smut :) What I really like is how they aren't screaming "FUCK", which most smutty fics do. And I realize you wrote this like 10 years ago, but as you kindly asked for a review here it is. Keep it up! (now im gonna go stalk your page and your other stories)
1/10/2019 c1 BS-Annie
I Love it.
12/30/2018 c1 Guest
Enjoyably long and well written. It felt like reading another harry potter book.
12/5/2018 c1 dani.dodge
I adore this because of how much attention you pay to emotional aspect of friends in embarrassing situations. This was really well done!
11/24/2018 c1 Guest
You sure did good.
11/23/2018 c1 a.vago
Love this story - please, continue!
11/17/2018 c1 Typing Tarsier
Good god, that was amazing! I mean that seven hundred and thirteen percent. It was full of real life emotions and reactions, while still fulfilling the reader (is that more pretentious than just saying "me?") with super thrilling fantasy scenes. It would be so cool to be able to insert such solidly written fanfic segments like this into the original I have sitting on my shelf right now, for some relief before getting back the ever-more-serious events of the books. I forgot to look at when this was posted, and I don't even remember your pen name, but man, I hope you're still writing. I am working on something myself between Ron and Hermione, and I love it, but I doubt I could ever make it this good. . Please get in touch if you have the interest/time. I'll go check out your other work when I have time. Thanks.
11/13/2018 c1 Mitchell
Do another chapter!
10/29/2018 c1 Guest
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