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5/25/2020 c2 Deathslilgirl21
I love this I need more. It pulled at my heartstrings thank you
6/1/2016 c2 Katniss139
I am so frustrated right now. This is the second of your stories I read and love that haven't been finished. Although it's very unlikely I really hope you find the insperation to finish your open ffs one day.
11/28/2015 c2 5voicelessqueen
lol I'm sorry for stalking your works but you are amazing
11/2/2015 c2 artilyon-rand
...why it was left behindĀ”?
3/10/2015 c2 Ponymous
Goddamnit, man. Please continue this!
2/24/2015 c2 2KarmaLord
You seriously need to update this
5/25/2014 c2 5Sunshine-Midnight123
8/12/2013 c2 12mediwitch3
Please tell me you're going to update this story. Kidfics are my weakness and there are hardly any well written ones in this fandom. You're doing us a service by continuing. Pleaaaase.
3/25/2013 c2 20madd09
You have to continue this th plot is awesone
12/8/2012 c2 court satchell
love this story cant wait to see more
4/27/2012 c1 3roganjalex
amazing loved it
2/7/2012 c2 Luvable101
This stroy was recommend by tilante,even if it isn't finish i tohught i should give it a shot and i see why she recommended it. I hope in the near future you continue this story. I think it can be a great story one day.
1/4/2012 c2 HyperKnuckles313
Ahh I can't believe this story was never finished x_X reading it again after all this time.. it's still so interesting. You could go anywhere from here, try to get inspired!
1/3/2012 c2 kiera
Update aupdate update please such a good plot
11/15/2011 c2 RosieGurrl
OOOOHHHHH. So amazing. You're really good at keeping these two in character. An update would be MUCH appreciated. :D 3
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