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for The Consequences Of The Truth

6/7/2020 c22 Hailey
Umm so it’s next year and it’s rlly good so r u going to post pls?
10/31/2018 c22 Hetwaszoietsals
Just found this story and loving it! Hopefully you find the joy in finishing it one day!
11/17/2015 c21 29ancilla89
Any plans to finish this story? I was loving it! Have to know that everyone's ok!
7/18/2014 c22 3FlashRemnant
I know it's been three years since you last updated this but do you still think you will update it at some point? Because I really like this story and I'm dying to know what happens next. You were doing such a great job with this story and it'd be a real shame if it were never finished. I'd really love to read more. :)
6/19/2014 c22 imamrxgmail.com
when are you updating the story
10/2/2013 c22 Guest
I thought you said you're not discontinuing any of your stories and you're appalled by authors who do that to their loyal fans -_-
I really loved this story and i wanna know how it will end
5/27/2013 c22 Margomls
I would love for this fic to be finished. Please consider this for the fans that are enjoying and are thankful for u sharing ur talent w/us
4/27/2013 c22 Sandirn
You left me hanging :-((((
2/7/2013 c16 Katie
This is ironic. I reviewed an earlier chapter this evening and I mentioned how I was feeling like Gibbs was way too chatty. I continued reading and came across the author's note at the beginning of the chapter in which you defended a chattier Gibbs in this chapter. Ironically this is one of the first chapters that I didn't think Gibbs was too talkative. Gibbs is a man who doesn't waste a lot a words. However, that doesn't mean he doesn't use them when necessary. I believe it's in the episode bounce where the team looks at him in shock because he's just strung together a rather long sentence. He states something to the effect that it wasn't his job to talk before, and now it was. Likewise, in this scene McGee needed Gibbs to talk, so he did. Gibbs can chat with the best of them sometimes, however it's not just how much he talks but how he says things. Why I think this chapter worked when others in my opinion were weaker was because he knew what the situation called for and he rose to the occassion. He needed to talk for McGee's sake, so he did.
2/7/2013 c5 Katie
I just started reading this story and I love the idea behind it! In my opinion they never reference the plague enough; where are these illnesses that Tony will always be more susceptible too? If I were a script writer this would be an every other episode occurence! (Okay that might be a bit excessive) This episode was a favourite but I was hoping for more of dealing with the aftermath, so I'm super excited that your story is dealing with that. I love where it's going. One thing that I feel the need to mention though is the bolding and italicising. I understand what your motive is for using it, however, it's really not necessary. As a writer I know that you want your readers to understand where the characters are putting an emphasis. As a reader, I don't need to see that. I know characters are using inflection and emphasis to make a point. To read that (the bolding/italicising) it can actually jar me from the story, which is a shame because it's quite engaging otherwise.
I think you've been painting the scene quite well. I could feel the exhaustion as Tony and McGee helped Ziva to the helicopter. I felt anxious for them to make it out, even though I know they did. I think your characterization of Tony and Ziva has been quite good. I'm having a bit of trouble with Gibbs. He seems a little chatty, too chatty for Gibbs and using superlatives that I'm not sure he would. A few times I've had to stop and look to see if it was really still Gibbs who was talking. Gibbs can be a hard man to write because he says so much with so little. A trick I've used when writing him is to think about what I want him to say and then get that down to the fewest number of words possible. Sometimes that takes re-writing things a number of times. Sometimes that means Gibbs doesn't actually say anything at all. For example in the last paragraph would Gibbs tell them to "pipe down - all of you" or would he silence them with a look? Perhaps if he needed their attention he was raise his voice a bit and say "hey!" There's a whole sentence where Gibbs talks about not sugar coating things, honestly Gibbs would just tell them straight up, not waste time telling them he was going to tell them.
Honestly I think you've got a great story here and that's why I reviewed. I think some constructive criticism is better than a dozen reviews of 'good job.' I only review stories that I think have a lot of potential, and I never leave a comment that just says fantastic, or write more. That's not going to help you achieve greatness, which I think you are capable of.
12/2/2012 c22 AzulVerde
Hi..! I would like to know if you are going to update this story soon (as well as the others from NCIS).. or finish it.. Thanks...
5/8/2012 c22 rodney215
Just discovered this story and I'm loving it. Hope you're going to update soon...
4/1/2012 c22 coleykgapeach
? No updates since christmas. You said you would not abandon your stories and that you hate it when writers do that... what gives?
3/18/2012 c22 1somebody's sister
Okay so I finally got around to reading this and I absolutely LOVE it! I can NOT wait to read more and right now I don't know which story of yours I want you to update first!

I love all of the bonding moments you have written into this story not only between Gibbs and Tony but between everyone else. I hope you update soon and personally I would like to see the terorist come after Tony...but thats just me :)

2/19/2012 c22 27Madances
Hi! I just spent my Sunday reading your story and I fervently look for more. Good job. Tracy
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