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6/5/2021 c68 1angel897
loved it ginny is a ride for some hard lessons.
looking forward to reading the reactions to the rest of the lost family when they learn how much they screwed up and for the men to take them down a few pegs for the abatement of their daughter they ignore, the one who has harry love. still thank you so much for updating again
6/5/2021 c68 19Kallanit
I loved the scenes with Claudia's family. It sounds like a cold dish of revenge is going to be served to them, and I hope they learn some humility from it. The arrogance of Isabella and Juliet was far from attractive, and I'm wondering if the men in the family are any less arrogant or if they're just as bad. The fact that they hope to ensnare Harry, only for that plan to fail because he's already in love with Claudia who they regarded as inferior, is a delicious irony, while Johanna dismissing Severus because he's a teacher shows their complete lack of understanding of British Wizarding society post-Voldemort and of Severus' place in that society.

I'm really looking forward with gleeful anticipation to the Hohenzollerns meeting Severus, Hermione, Lucius, Narcissa, and Harry (Draco and Astoria, too) and I hope Harry channels Lucius and Severus in his dealings with them, instead of just going all Gryffindor on them as he would have done a year or two ago. Claudia has a lot people at her back now, because the whole Order and the staff of Hogwarts will all rally around the Snapes, Malfoys and Harry, and that will include Claudia because she's family.

The confrontations with the Hohenzollerns have the potential to be highly enjoyable, and I just wonder how much this (potentially) disastrous visit to Britain will impact upon Johanna's plan to ensnare an aristocratic and powerful husband. If she's sent packing with her tail between her legs, even desirable potential husbands from other countries might not be interested in her.

What Kingsley and Theo did to Ginny was very interesting. The fact that Voldemort is still in her mind is really disturbing, and I hope Apolline somehow manages to break through to Ginny and they manage to expel the final remnant of Voldemort from her. I can't help but wonder if the Hohenzollerns, as full-blooded and powerful Veela, might be able to help there, although hopefully they'd do it for the right reasons after learning their lesson, and not as a means of blackmail. By blackmail I mean they agree to help only on condition they're given something people wouldn't otherwise want to give them in return, such as Harry breaking up with Claudia in favour of Johanna... I'd be worried he'd feel obliged to do that for the sake of the Weasleys. Mind you, I can definitely see Severus telling them to get lost if they try that game. I also wonder if Fleur's full-blooded Veela grandmother and her Veela relatives might not be a match for them. I kind of imagine Fleur's grandmother as a fierce Frenchwoman, dripping with disdain for the Hohenzollerns.

I'm really looking forward to the next few chapters.
6/5/2021 c67 Kallanit
Two updates: such a treat!

All the things that Molly 'conveniently forgot' were very interesting. It sounds like there's a lot more to come with her, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with her.

It was also very interesting to see development of Percy and further development of Ron. His sudden understanding of clothes and image, and querying why Molly never altered anything, was quite a revelation. Ron has come so far from the person he was at the beginning of this story and I hope we continue to see even more development.
6/5/2021 c67 Dianne9577
Love it. It's been so long though I'm going to need to go back and reread.
6/5/2021 c67 Erika Rexen
This is still one of my favorite stories, and I am blown away by the unique dark veela concept, it has only grown better with time. Not unlike a fine elf made wine! :-) With this new chapter, and excited about more to come, I will dive back in for yet another read from the beginning.

I'm impressed with the changes wrought in Percy & Ron, but still really dislike Molly for the devious mental acrobatics regarding her excusing Ginny's behavior and her own internal destructiveness. Her 'pragmatic, rational' response was purely calculated in looking forward to the benefits of her children moving up the ladder.

Cannot wait for more Severus and Hermione time as well, I love the relationship you're developing here. Thank you for sharing new chapters! Take care & stay safe.
6/5/2021 c68 Sampdoria
Loved it. Thank you so much for the wonderful updates, I love this story and you made my day and my weekend by submitting these two new chapter.
6/5/2021 c68 LoveInTheBattleField
Good chapter.
6/5/2021 c68 nette91
2 chapters in 2 days. So excited! Looking forward to the next one. Thanks for sharing!
6/5/2021 c68 mugglemommy
Ok, I’m tingling with excitement to see what direction this goes in! There is so much happening in this story, I’m tempted to draw a map. Please feed your muse and share more of your talents with us!
6/5/2021 c68 Dicome
yaaaasss another chapter and yes, right now ginny is... well, she need help and she its not helping those try to help her
6/4/2021 c67 2Opera123
love it, could never hate your work
6/4/2021 c67 2Angels-heart1
Great chapter! Can't wait to read more!
6/4/2021 c67 12sandlapper
Wonderful as always! Well worth the wait! I tuck this away and when you post, I reread from the start so I don't miss anything! LOVE!
6/4/2021 c67 klo
Ooh - what a treat! I was so happy to see this update today - I happily read it and am now using it as an excuse to go back and start from the beginning.

Thanks for showing us a growing up version of Ron. He's usually so dense and childish that he makes my teeth hurt. Now, if someone could get Molly to grow up...but that's asking too much, isn't it?

It was really sweet to have Hermione see Severus as his real self - that's true love...

I'm already looking forward to more but in the meantime hope you know how much I appreciate everything you've already given us -
6/4/2021 c67 LoveInTheBattleField
Great chapter.
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