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10/22/2021 c62 12excessivelyperky
Good chapter. I like gradually decreasing the glamour on Snape-rather like what was done in the first Nanny McPhee movie. Besides, with a really sudden change, people will think his new look *is* a glamour.

And Roger Granger will be a good representative for the Muggle portion of Malfoy's business empire.
10/22/2021 c61 excessivelyperky
The schmoozing is so thick from all parties I am reminded of the phrase from My Fair Lady: "He oiled his way across the floor" (Slughorn, probably).

Seriously, I haven't seen such a delightful combination of beauty and BS since...well, since ever, actually.

Well done!
10/17/2021 c69 Dianne9577
Love it. Eagerly awaiting further developments!
10/13/2021 c69 ToniOcean
I love how your characters grow and change! Ron is on his way to becoming a kind and responsible man. It's a relief.

As Claudia's family come closer, I can hear the theme song to the movie 'Jaws', or perhaps the 'Imperial March' from the Star Wars movies. There is something intense, but it's not all about beauty, as much as they might like us to think.

Thank you for continuing to write! This is still one of my very favorite stories.
10/10/2021 c69 2Aiyanna Clearwater
I can't wait until they realize that the daughter that they underestimated is courting Harry Potter! Suck it, losers! Great chapter! :D
10/8/2021 c40 FrancineHibiscus
What is your doctorate in? I still have dreams of getting mine, bit I am Old, and will have to be content with two master's degrees.
10/8/2021 c29 FrancineHibiscus
Ginny is so short sighted, Harry has a massive vault full of gold!
10/8/2021 c20 FrancineHibiscus
I forgot how much excellent FOOD is in this story! And I love how everyone is just happily using each other, and it's all good!
10/8/2021 c2 FrancineHibiscus
Reading AGAIN, I mean!
10/8/2021 c1 FrancineHibiscus
I am doing it, I am reading from the beginning!
10/6/2021 c69 Guest
I get so excited whenever you update. The changes in Ron are pretty dramatic. Lets see how he handles Lav's revenge. This is such a fun story. We need more. Please feed your muse. We are eagerly awaiting your next update.
10/7/2021 c69 nette91
An update this story is like a gift. Even as I reread several chapters over again, I've truly enjoyed it.

Thanks, for sharing! Until next time!
10/7/2021 c69 IsabellaParker19
i have been waiting since forever for an update. THANK YOU. now that its here i can't wait for the next chapter. update soon. preetteyy Plzzzzz.
10/7/2021 c69 Dicome
im so ready for seeing the snape's, the malfoy, harry fucking potter destroying these harpy of family Claudia was Born in, karma its a bitch and will claim these ladies
10/7/2021 c69 2Lucyole
Good chapter, Ron changed a lot and matured really sweet how worried he was about Fleurs pregnancy. More please *cookies for inspiration and the great work*
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