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10/7/2021 c69 2Lucyole
Good chapter, Ron changed a lot and matured really sweet how worried he was about Fleurs pregnancy. More please *cookies for inspiration and the great work*
10/7/2021 c69 Sampdoria
Loved it, thank you so much for the update.
10/6/2021 c69 12sandlapper
Love it love it love it! Updates make me happy!
10/6/2021 c69 2ladyofthedragons1
I can't wait for the confrontation with the family!
10/6/2021 c69 FrancineHibiscus
Really, I should just read this over from the start... Xd
10/6/2021 c69 2decadenceofmysoul
Awesome update!
10/6/2021 c69 LoveInTheBattleField
Good chapter.
10/6/2021 c69 Krazyasibe
Love it just wish for more everytime
10/6/2021 c69 1angel897
enjoyable and fun to read. oh betting those protective men of the old guard will have plenty to say. can especially see Cissy tearing into them all lady like. rather excited to read that coming chapter. thank you so much for updating again
10/6/2021 c69 Rav3nsRemorse
Great update
10/6/2021 c69 Grovek26
Good chapter
10/6/2021 c69 4AuntieL
I'm so happy to see an update! Great chapter - not a TON of plot movement, but plenty. (That's not intended as a criticism.) I love that Ron seems to be pulling out of his darkness, and that healing Hermione may have been the catalyst he needed to start healing himself.

Claudia kind of dropped a bit of a bomb at the end, though, didn't she? LOL

Hope you're doing well!
10/6/2021 c69 2Dylynn
love this as always!
10/6/2021 c69 19Kallanit
Oh, wow. An update. *dances excitedly*

Short but sweet. Ron is really showing maturity now. It's good to see.

I'm glad Claudia, the Snapes and Malfoys won't be blindsided when her family makes contact. I'm looking forward to seeing Severus and Lucius utterly destroy them. Vindictive, moi?
9/27/2021 c1 arickmaniac2020
is this a completed story? haven't started reading yet
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