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9/15/2021 c20 SnapeLover2005
I am absolutely falling in love with them both! #hafhpotterhead
9/15/2021 c17 SnapeLover2005
Why do I both love you and hate you right now? I am on the edge of my seat! #hafhpotterhead
9/8/2021 c68 EmKLR
I loved this universe! Please share more of this story. I couldn’t stop reading. Thank you for writing this.
8/16/2021 c68 Erielaw
Lovely story. Latest chapter presents new story line, which is promising. Hope to read more!
8/12/2021 c68 StormAz
You've rearranged it a bit, but I'm STILL enjoying this story!
7/30/2021 c68 buttons1721
I've been binge reading for days! Love this story so much that I've had several sleepless nights! ️
7/21/2021 c68 Dicome
wow finally the veela part of severus family its coming? i hope everybody give these birdheads what they deserve for morons
7/17/2021 c68 J.Haller
more please. I can't get enough!
7/13/2021 c68 Banshee Black
Thank you for the update.
7/12/2021 c66 KitMalfoy
Thank you for another great chapter, I enjoyed Ron having breakfast with Draco and Narcissa. Severus and Hermione were entertaining as well.
7/10/2021 c65 KitMalfoy
I am proud of Ron for all the progress he is making and look forward to seeing him interact with the Malfoy's more.
7/10/2021 c64 KitMalfoy
I am happy for Narcissa and Lucius having a chance to expand their family so much and look forward to seeing what happens next.
7/9/2021 c63 KitMalfoy
I am glad Hermione's father is standing up for what he wants and plans to be a part of Hermione's future.
7/9/2021 c62 KitMalfoy
Thank you for another fun chapter, I look forward to seeing what happens next.
7/7/2021 c61 KitMalfoy
I really enjoy reading about Narcissa and seeing her manipulate Lavender was fun.
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