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12/14/2009 c1 3mycrookedsmile
that was very sweet. Funny, I usually have no trouble reading about Charlie getting it on with someone, but when he bought the condoms I felt like I was imagining my parents buying them!

Glad he found Sue.
11/22/2009 c1 CorrinaTFF
Transferring review from NaughtyHeels Entry

Go Charlie! I agree with Sue. "Never, ever get rid of that stache". RAWR

Sidenote: My husband thought the ginger was the hot stuff. None of us said anything ... but it took him 4 tries before he figured it out! lol
11/22/2009 c1 pippapear
Hey babes.

This was so cute!

Thanks so much. . .

I managed to get over the initial feeling of reading about my dad! LOL..

They were so sweet together - Sue was real & igniting for Charlie.

Thanks so much!

Cheers, Lotsa love


11/21/2009 c1 9chele681
Charlie's acknowledgement of empty nest is so poignant. As if Bella's leaving for college after having brought vitality back into his life is what convinces him that he needs so much more.

" -None of this two halves that make a whole bullshit. We are what we are, and together we're just stronger." - This says so much about who Charlie is.

"Oh, you want to ride?" I brushed my fingers through my mustache, catching on to what she was insinuating. I pushed myself down the bed half way before turning to Sue. "Hop on." - Okay, this is both hot, and hilarious. Somehow just perfect!

Thanks for Charlie's HEA! I really enjoyed it.
11/3/2009 c1 6charmizane
I loved this one shot. "Somebody" is one of the sweetest songs by my favorite band. I love when Martin steps up to the mic in concert and sings with such earnest.

Sweet, earnest, romantic, and sexy are all words I would attribute to your story as well.

You wrote Charlie and Sue so well, your the B list champion. Charlie looking over his wedding album was just so heartbreaking. I glad that he decided to get back in the game and bring warmth to his home again.

All their dates were so fun, especially the sushi date at the house, yum wasabi. Then she straddles his face, WOW! Her remark about never shaving the mustache, priceless. Very hot lemon.

Thank you!

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