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for The Little Veela that Could

4/7 c32 17Child of Dreams
Regarding the alternate ending, what the flip?
Just have Harry swear an oath on his life and magic that he's innocent.
Problem solved.
4/7 c30 Child of Dreams
Google Translate says "denouement" actually means "outcome"...
"Untying" would be "déliement".
3/18 c3 Grammar Fiend
You have a serious problem keeping your verb tenses consistent. Decide if the story is to be in past or present tense, because currently you are mixing them up, often within the same sentence. Further grammatical editing is required.
3/12 c32 cameron1812
Still one of my all time favorite storiesThank you!
1/16 c30 Alwin-nl
Stopped reading when bellatrix showed up. So far it was a decent story but the last few chapters were a struggle to get trough. Too much politics, too much violence and the story isn’t going anywhere anymore.

Too bad.
1/9 c25 Alwin-nl
The increasingly ridiculous fights are getting a bit tiresome now. I hope that gets better soon or I’ll stop reading.
1/9 c24 Alwin-nl
Damn, I wanted to see Snape suffer more. Yea ok he might be suffering but we’re missing all the screaming and the bubbling lava…
12/25/2023 c18 Alwin-nl
Meh, was killing Sirius really necessary? Oh well, at least Malfoy sr. and the toad are dead, as are practically all ‘purebloods’.
12/23/2023 c8 Alwin-nl
Gah, this bumblemore is annoying AF. He better come to a very slow, painful death or i’ll be very disappointed with this story…

Also, no, we don’t like draco. He should’ve died in the first book.
11/4/2023 c2 beta tester beater
where is Ron to through all this I know he's definitely hurting
11/4/2023 c2 beta tester beater
okay what is going on? lol
11/4/2023 c1 beta tester beater
11/4/2023 c1 beta tester beater
wow that's gruesome
10/12/2023 c32 hdres
An engaging and well written story. There were points when the plot became very dark but you always managed to bring the narrative back to the light. I liked all your characters very much particularly Luna, Gabby and Segolene. I also enjoyed how much Dumbledore misunderstood what was going on. Thank you for sharing your story
10/11/2023 c18 hdres
Wow what a chapter. This was hard to read particularly the scenes around Hogsmead. I am enjoying this very different and well written story. Thank you
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