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6/15/2013 c1 bookwurm247
*sigh* I feel kind of bad for him. Although it wouldn't hurt to see a story of him and Amy together. I bet he would be totally sweet!
11/4/2012 c1 1234568900987654321
Clue HuntEverybody lies
4/11/2012 c1 Hostage2

11/9/2011 c1 FallingforWerewolves
I'm not really a fan of Hamilton and Amy, but I loved this story. Short, sweet and to the point. Besides, if I wanted to I could think of this in an "older brother protecting his little sister" way. And, honestly, when (noticed how I said when, not if; I'm seriuosly hoping on this one) it turns out that Evan's a Vesper, if Ian and Amy don't get together, I want Hamilton and Amy.

The art of ranting... I've learned it well.
1/10/2011 c1 August Bloom
You know, I'm seriously hoping that there will be some kind of fight over Amy in the new book series. I really am not as in love with Hamy as much as Amian, but I'm open to it as long as Ian gets someone worthwhile. Just NOT Sinead! I seriously HAAATTTTEEEEE her! AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!

Sorry... I have to admit , even though I keep telling myself that I'm open to Hamy, and I AM, it would depress me very badly if Amy and Ian did not end up together. Although, Hamilton could have Sinead... Now that might work. Sorry for extreme longness, but I like this fanfiction story.

P.S. If you are confused by anything I said, I'm a complex person. Sorry! ;}
8/20/2010 c1 FaerieQueen3
Lol! Isabel IS a cold-hearted witch! It seems the Janus have simila points of view :-D!

7/21/2010 c1 1A La DarkAngel
Short but veryyyy cute! :D I liked it... !
6/25/2010 c1 2randomzchicka
Awww this story was rilly cute.
4/25/2010 c1 10tsbarchive
2/13/2010 c1 14AthenaPersephone14
Oh, update soon!
12/20/2009 c1 6music4evah
Aw, I really like it! I mean, it's rather hard for me to imagine Hamilton/Amy. But this really helps the image.
11/29/2009 c1 4DyingOfBoredominNYC
I hope you don't add another chapter to this because it could ruin it (I read the reviews before I wrote this by the way)
11/28/2009 c1 nellieseriously

if you don't, okay, I haven't decided what I would do if you didn't finish this fan-fic. . . yet.just finish it cuz i think that it's really super-duper amazingly awesome-ly surprisingly (eh, not that much) cool! got that! good. and think, and type! (please!)

11/11/2009 c1 pureangel86
It was funny but the more I read not only your story but the scene it is based off of I think that Amy should forget Ian and just move on with Hamilton.
11/9/2009 c1 Dgxuruend
good story, i loved book 6 to, (but i liked book 4 to cause Jude Watson is my all time fave author) and i'm also a janus lolz :P
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