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for Why are Cecil's lips purple?

7/17/2012 c10 Ciconia XIV
oh it took me some time to remember those summons…and only for those games i had 's glad that i could match the magic and summon for each final fantasy game i played before in my memory,although i played the chinese vision.
maybe you can try some weapons in final fantasy are some weapons with same name but differrnt usage…it is a hard work,i know…
1/6/2012 c3 amethyst-crystallite
umm i didnt really got the 7 ate 9 thingy -_-'
1/6/2012 c2 amethyst-crystallite
it is frioniel ^_^
1/5/2012 c10 11Rainstorm-Mosspath

Lol XD Its really interesting to read about the different types of magic! =O

I never realised how many summons there actually were XD
7/25/2011 c3 6Son Nuriko
Lololol Cloud! XD Poor victim! XD I didn't expect it to be so funny! Haha cuz you know... that joke's like... old... XD But well done! You made it so original!
7/25/2011 c1 Son Nuriko
Haha wow that's funny! XD Took me a while to realize who Luneth was haha but awesome!
7/8/2011 c9 3Akuroi
Thank you for updating.Please continue.*Bows*
7/7/2011 c9 60Sekirei1988
I pulled a Flat What when Cecil, of all people, suggested cancer. Cecil, honey, I can pretty much forgive you for being a Shipper On Deck during Duodecim but honestly, cancer?
7/7/2011 c9 3HopelessRomanticist
Ha! Fast update for the win.

And nice job misleading us all with last chapter's preview. You made a few spelling mistakes. No more than most authors, true, but one sentence kinda stood out for me:

"How nice to b alone…the silence is breath taking!"

Obviously, you meant: "How nice to be alone…the silence is breathtaking!"

Sorry if this seems pedantic, but that sentence just broke my reading flow. Still, cool chapter. And comparing summons is a nice idea, though Cloud (Knights of the Round) and Terra (EVERYTHING) are going to stand out the most...

6/26/2011 c8 3Akuroi
Nice.Thanks for updating.*Bows*
6/24/2011 c8 41OneWingedHeron53
Ha! I forgot about offense.

Nice little chapter here and nice going pointing out what females likes to be treated. Now if only women stop calling us men fat when we are doing our best to lose weight...keep getting dis...ooh, chocolate cake...

^ That was a joke...a poor one...maybe I shouldn't have typed it.

As for your preview... 0_0...Seems funny enough to look forward to...
6/24/2011 c8 3HopelessRomanticist
The switch to 1st person was a nice change. Less 'funny' than some other chapters, but (IMO) better written. Then again, I like any dissidia fic that focus on the more serious party members.

...and your preview as weird. Very very weird. Look forward to it, but am hoping it isn't too strange.

4/18/2011 c1 xemile94
did pretty well, but i think it would have been funnier for the chocobo trick if everyone fell for the chocobo trick except Warrior of Light, who would respond "Whats a chocobo?" (no chocobos in ff1)
11/7/2010 c7 1FairoNeko
sprite card

what is that?
10/26/2010 c7 Ciconia XIV
I have waitted for this chapter for several months...and almost forget it.Then today I found the new chapter~i was graduated from high school too this summer~ anyway,i like the new chapter!Hope to read your chapter 8 later~!=D

I got confused when i saw Youshitaka's paintings about Faris.Then i found in the animation of FFV's PS remark she is blond...well i prefer the purple-haired one,the blond one looks a little wired...i don't know why,this is just my feeling...

Dissidia Final Fantasy will have a new game called Dissidia Final Fantasy 012...Kain,Tifa and Lighting will be avalible in this game and each one in dissidia will have the third form of clothes...I jumped when i heard this news!

PS.Oh,Firion's nickname in Japanese?That means 'the emporer of virgins'...maybe my description is not very accurate...But in Chinese,we call him '童帝'and that's the same meaning LOL
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