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for Healing the Divide

3/19/2022 c9 Guest
Bella is jumping to conclusions
5/26/2018 c12 Guest
Can I just say that there is NO way that Tanya is trained well. All of her touching and shit is SO FUCKING INAPPROPRIATE!
3/1/2016 c21 magmom
This was my third time reading this and it is always just as sad and just as good.
10/31/2015 c21 4snoopylover60
Hey, great story.. I cried like a baby!

I followed this from a Facebook rec. page. Its called Cheatwards Spot. I know he didn't cheat, but boy I thought her was going to!
Please come join us! :)
10/31/2015 c6 snoopylover60
:( Oh wow... this is heartbreaking!
10/25/2015 c20 Kickinl8tr
Story I cried the most in a long time. Thank you glad they were strong enough.
11/12/2014 c21 OlitzScandaloneminute752
i love this story it so good and sad but i love it
9/5/2014 c21 Guest
I don't know if you still receive these reviews, but I wanted to tell you what an amazing writer you are. I loved this story!
6/10/2014 c21 Siriusmunchkin
A wonderfully written story. Very tasteful and compassionate. I have family members that have lost children to accidents and to medical problems. Loss to either is not acceptable, but it is reality.
6/10/2014 c11 Siriusmunchkin
And he dug the hole himself. He's no different from many people who have lost a child, sibling, spouse, or parent. They refuse to talk to family because maybe they feel guilty. The gulf widens and one day they find out they have driven the people who tried to be there for them away. Let's hope the damage Edward has done is not irreparable.
6/10/2014 c6 Siriusmunchkin
Beautifully done.
12/11/2012 c4 kellygirl77
as heartbreaking as this chap was, it was better she was taken like this then a kidnapping... i was afraid someone took her and as parents i am sure we both know the horrors that can happen to kidnapped children
9/20/2012 c19 robertpatzlover09
Such a sad story didnt even expect it at all, But its amazing really enjoyed it never read anything like it before! xx
8/31/2012 c20 albadolores
I just wanna say , thank you for such a wonderful story, i never read fic. that someone died in it, no death for me, but this story got me , and i couldn't stop.
and if that is you with Rob in the profile pic, omg girl you are my heroe !
4/11/2012 c6 Missy Robshipper aka miss247
Crap...I am at work and I can not stop crying. People are going to think I'm crazy!
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