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for Healing the Divide

5/26/2010 c18 ECis4Me
Such a sweet ending. Loved it!
5/26/2010 c6 3Digital Get Down Contest
so I'm a mess... reading this makes me think of having to do all that stuff with my Aunt for Alex... there's nothing worse than looking at a tiny casket and a life that was taken too soon... *sobbing*
5/26/2010 c5 Digital Get Down Contest
I think your going to get a bunch of review from me saying the same damn thing... my heart hurts!
5/26/2010 c4 Digital Get Down Contest
Uggg! *tears* I lost my almost three year old cousin 7 years ago, he was accidentaly backed over in his grandparents drive way... this was before SUV back up cameras :o( trying to hold back the tears but it's hard... DAMN YOU! lol
5/26/2010 c18 ladybugcullen
Greaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa at Chapter!
5/26/2010 c3 Digital Get Down Contest
I love trying to make babies... hubby says he just likes practicing LOL
5/26/2010 c2 Digital Get Down Contest
even the happy stuff makes me wanna cry!
5/26/2010 c1 Digital Get Down Contest
awww okay so I know I need tissues... moving on b/c my heart hurts a little now
5/20/2010 c17 snshyne
Oh how sad. Packing up Lizzie's things. :-(

so glad someone spoke up & they stopped going to Tanya.
5/20/2010 c17 9lilins
Dude, You make me cry like a litlle baby!

Sorry, for my english... I´m brazilian and I dont know, so much about the english grama. LOL

Your fic is awesome! Congratulations!
5/19/2010 c17 19silver sniper of night
This is a really touching and heartbreaking story. I think you have captured some exceptionally difficult emotions in your writing, and handled a diffcult situation really well. I like the development of the characters and the way that you have conveyed the natural reactions that they all have due to what occured. This is really well done.

Thank you for writing.
5/19/2010 c17 2frankfart101
OMG - This is the most i've cried... EVER

Amazing that words could do some much to me.
5/19/2010 c17 deleepowman
I read this story straight through today, It is heartwrenching and so well written. I'm very happy she is pregnant again.
5/19/2010 c17 ErinCullen77
Hello tear jerker. Thanks for another great chapter. :)
5/18/2010 c17 2RandomCran
Such an emotional event for your Edward and Bella.

And even though they are both feeling every possible emotion, it is good to see that they are united and relying on one another to work through their feelings.

I'm glad they took the initiative to schedule an emergency appointment and received the reassurance they both needed to hear.

The hardest thing in the world would be having to pack up Lizzie's things but an important step forward for them.

Thank You for keeping up with this story. I look forward to its completion and a brighter future for these two.

Take Care!

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