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for Healing the Divide

5/12/2010 c8 Kimberlina903
I'm glad Edward's talking to someone, but I'm worried about it being Tanya...he won't leave Bella will he? Gah, I get so panicked about cheating Edwards.
5/12/2010 c7 Kimberlina903
You're right this chapter wasn't as sad, but they are falling apart. I hope Edward realizes he needs a therapist or something...I hope he doesn't do something stupid after he left the house...
5/12/2010 c6 Kimberlina903
Yeah, now my husband wants to know why I'm crying...he told me to stop reading if it was making me so sad, but I won't!
5/12/2010 c5 Kimberlina903
Edward needs more than a hug, and I need more than tissues. I think you should also put a disclosure to have some form of chocolate around while reading...I'm going to gain weight from reading this, LOL.
5/12/2010 c4 Kimberlina903
OMG...I didn't think she would die...I thought she got kidnapped. This is so stinkin' sad...gah I will be devestated if they divorce, please don't let them divorce!
5/12/2010 c3 Kimberlina903
I really hope they got pregnant too, especially knowing the drama that's coming up. It would be very stressful though, obviously. But I can still hope!
5/12/2010 c2 Kimberlina903
Awww, such a sweet chapter! But I know it won't last...
5/12/2010 c1 Kimberlina903
OMG...she gets kidnapped? That is so scary! I do love a good mystery though!
5/10/2010 c15 1JMaire
I still wish she'd slapped Tanya.
5/9/2010 c10 JMaire
Well, Assward... was it worth it? Was Tanya worth losing your professional reputation and possibly your WIFE?
5/9/2010 c11 JMaire
Alice... STFU. Edward is CHEATING on Bella. So grow up and stop defending the indefensible.
5/9/2010 c12 JMaire
Oh, so NOW the whore is asking about Edward's WIFE? All those meetings, all those intimate moments - NOW the slut is worried about Bella?
5/6/2010 c16 3princessflo
Great job! You're an awesome writer!
4/27/2010 c16 laddymischief
beautiful chapter :)
4/27/2010 c16 2ChampagneAnyone
sigh that was a lovely and fitting chapter
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