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for Healing the Divide

4/27/2010 c16 3Carlie Pepper
I don t remember when I last cried so much as I did while reading this absolutely amazing story.
Will Bella get pregnant later on?
4/26/2010 c16 grrrr.edward
making me sob still, what a great chapter. i have so much more faith now. thanks dear!
4/26/2010 c16 2RandomCran
Yeah! I had a smile on my face for this whole chapter.

I felt bad that Bella and Edward missed out on being there for Emily's birth but was glad to see them keep the big picture in mind and not get bogged down in that detail.

I loved the scene in the diner where they could relax and enjoy one another like old times.

It was good to see Bella and Edward enjoy a good day together and to remember Lizzie with fondness and happiness.

I look forward to seeing how this wraps up.

Take Care!

4/26/2010 c16 6EverlastingMuse
very good
4/26/2010 c16 8teambellaedward
4/26/2010 c16 tigger5600
that was a really good chapter... a little bittersweet that it is almost over :( LOL :)
4/26/2010 c16 vivalalove
Great chapter! I'm so happy that Bella was able to handle the birth of her niece well. Perhaps we may see children for Bella and Edward in the future? I love this story so much! I'm sad to see it winding down, but I'm happy that things are looking good for them :)
4/26/2010 c16 aveasyn
so cute! emily sounds adorable, of course, she's emmette's baby! haha
4/26/2010 c16 prettycool410
aww the dancing part was adorable :)
4/26/2010 c16 4Ms. Jily
Great chapter, BB. They are making progress, it's not easy but they are getting there!

Can't wait for the next story! I love it!

4/26/2010 c16 rms33
Great chapter!
4/26/2010 c16 MaggieMay14
sigh it's great that they were able to enjoy their day and see their god daughter without breaking down. keep up the great work. As sad as this story is I really love it!
4/26/2010 c16 ECis4Me
Sigh. Definitely healing.

I hope little Lizzie is watching over them from up above and will bless them with a sister or brother in the future. :)
4/26/2010 c16 Amieforshort
Great chapter, it is nice to see them healing. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to the next chapter.
4/26/2010 c16 Angelesfog
It's been kinda hard for me to comment on the story...until now. My husband and I have suffered this loss and it takes a while for the memories to soften. Thank you for writing this.
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