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for Healing the Divide

4/11/2010 c6 JulieGirl18
This chapter had me crying the whole time...

Beautifully written.
4/11/2010 c4 1onemadhatter.xo
wtf is wrong with you? why would you kill off their little girl lie that?
4/11/2010 c15 Bu rodrigues
Good to see that Edward and Bella are recovering, TOGETHER!

Your story touched me so much.

I read the first chapters crying .. but is very well written

congratulations, I'm loving.

- Recommended to some friends .. I'm from Brazil and I love fanfics U.S.. -

Waiting next chapter!
4/11/2010 c5 JulieGirl18
Oh my... *hugs for Edward*

Bella and Edward both blaming themselves and thinking the other one hates them... breaks my heart.
4/11/2010 c4 JulieGirl18
Oh my... I originally thought that maybe Lizzie was just going to get kidnapped. This is much worse. :( I'm afraid to, but I'll keep reading.
4/10/2010 c15 sunshinyme
so, i guess i did the #readalong...just alone...and hours late. LMAO!

you've done a great job w/ this story! so glad they're taking steps toward getting better..together.
4/10/2010 c14 sunshinyme
YAY! they're taking steps in the right direction! so glad! i so want them to work this out. i can't imagine how hard everything they've gone thru has been. poor things =(

great CH!
4/10/2010 c13 sunshinyme
ok, so the talk was nice, yadda yadda, but OMF. good lemon! w00t for sexy times! JK =)

great CH!
4/10/2010 c12 sunshinyme
OMG! can't wait for the talk!

OH, so tanya wasn't really a skank after the peen? who knew! LOL

great CH! =)
4/10/2010 c11 sunshinyme
well, well, well...lookie who had the ole lightbulb momento! FINALLY!

ugh. is tanya on the level? i'm thinking she just wants the sparklepeen *rage*

great CH!
4/10/2010 c10 sunshinyme
all i really gotta say on dis one is: #JunkPunch for eduardo
4/10/2010 c9 sunshinyme
FRAKK! pissed at edward...even tho i sorta kinda understand that he needed to talk to someone...i just wish it had been bella, or he'd at least told her about it.

idk how i feel about this tanya, missy *taps foot*

great CH!
4/10/2010 c8 sunshinyme
ok. so...huh. idk how i feel about this tanya gal. harrumph =P

i wish edward would talk to bella but i can totally see how he feels like he can't now.

i feel their pain =(

great CH!
4/10/2010 c6 Mrs.Robinsome
:( x 100
4/10/2010 c15 2BMT
Wow, I've cried throughout this entire story! Well done!
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