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for Healing the Divide

12/18/2009 c7 4Ms. Jily
You know I feel :( poor E&B this has to be so hard on them. They need to talk but I can see how that is hard. I often find myself shutting my husband out and if anything like this ever happened...UGH...Love it.

ILY, my twin ;)
12/18/2009 c7 reigny
Aw, I'm all sorts of sad for B & E. The emotions and their reactions are very realistic though, and I can appreciate that, despite all the HF.

Let's hope that they'll make it to us by having some hawt lemony action soon, what say you? Hah!

Thanks for writing :]
12/18/2009 c7 vivalalove
Great Chapter! Aww, poor Edward is in denial. I'm happy Bella is talking to someone and seems to be getting better. Well, this seems to be the beginning of their bring it on ;)

I hope you have a great Christmas :)
12/17/2009 c6 my4kids
God that was hard to read...the writting is good no offense obviously but I have 2 little girls and 2 teen boys and just the thought of something happening to them would kill me. I will be back to read. I want to know how they get through this but I can tell it will be a hard one for awhile at least.
12/16/2009 c6 47MandyLeigh87
You crazy woman you are never allowed to tell me a chapter of mine is too sad, because this whole story is one growing heap of sad.

Great job, keep it up.
12/16/2009 c6 aveasyn
This is truly a loss, RIP lizzy
12/14/2009 c6 bellalove72
And there's no turning back, no option to shut the flood gates and I will probably have to stock up on tissues since I'm going to be following along with this story!

OMG! I can't even imagine. I think what scares me the most from this chapter is the knowledge you have of the little things. I think that made me cry harder. I hope to God you don't speak of personal experience, (and please know that you don't have to tell me the answer to that)but if you do, my heart goes out to you and I hope you get the healing that writing this fic offers. Regardless though, this is a very difficult subject for anyone with a child to read about and i think your very courageous for writing and posting. (I mean that in a good way!) I'm sure someone along the way will find something from this that will help them heal.

Like I said before, I haven't slept and now I'm getting so tired from all the crying, so I'm sorry for all my rambling. I really do like this story even though it claws at my heart and Imma need to stock up on tissues! I think you've done an amazing job so far.

12/14/2009 c5 bellalove72
and the flood gates are officially open!

How incredibly devastating. And of course both of them think it's their fault cos they wouldn't be ExB if they didn't each take the blame. But I guess any parent would do that.

I haven't said it yet but I think your doing a great job with writing this fic. To have people feel the emotions behind your words proves your talent!
12/14/2009 c4 bellalove72
And, let the tears begin.

I think it was Carlisle crying that finally got me. Not that Bella's hysterics weren't already causing my eyes to fill with tears, but Carlisle put me over the edge and made them fall.
12/14/2009 c3 bellalove72
I should have just reviewed as I read each chapter because now it's hard to review when i know what's coming next.

I loved the tenderness ExB shared. I love love love when any Edward calls Bella, Love. I love how he was rubbing her stomach at the end, hoping they created a baby. Although knowing what I know now, that thought scares me of how they will deal with it.
12/14/2009 c2 bellalove72
Although I figured what was coming next by this point,(well not completely, I thought she could have possibly been kidnapped also) I still enjoyed the fluffy happiness and the picture you painted of all the love Lizzy gets from her family and I do love Daddyward!
12/14/2009 c1 bellalove72
I couldn't sleep and I'm not really sure how I found this story but it was in my favs and since it was only at 6 chaps I decided to start it. I've read all 6 chapters so far and I wasn't gonna review for another day or so since i really couldn't see but since Ive managed to control my hysterical sobs, I figured I should just do it now.

This chapter was a pretty good set up. Everyone is happy and so loving, and for a second I forgot about the summary and thought maybe this was a good fluffy fic. All was well living their HEA. Until it wasn't. And then I was sucked in with no turning back!
12/13/2009 c6 grrrr.edward
i can't imagine what you must be feeling writing this. its a really tough read. we come to the hurt. i think the comfort and love needs to really take force again.
12/12/2009 c6 stee-knee-ahn
jesus! chapter after chapter, full of tears. i'm a mess! it took me 5 times to type this bit up. i could barely see through the tears. i cried so much at the end where bella turns angry, refusing to admit her daughter's death. omgah! *blows nose*
12/12/2009 c6 ForeverLostInFiction

I don't think I've ever cried so much in one fanfic, let alone one chapter of fanfic. It's safe to say you conveyed the emotions perfectly...
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