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for Healing the Divide

11/29/2009 c3 TwilightFan104
You are doing a great job creating an intense love between Bella and Edward and strong family ties. It makes me nervous for the HF that is to come, but leaves me with hope that they will eventually get through it.
11/27/2009 c3 sunfire04
Great Chapter.
11/27/2009 c4 sunfire04
Ok that was hard...I didn't cry but darn. Great chapter. I didn't realize Edward didn't know what was going on, wow.
11/27/2009 c4 jamie1078
sad, sad, very sad...not a good way to start the day...hehe, jk. You wrote this part so well but it was heartbreaking. poor bella and edward :(
11/27/2009 c2 sunfire04
That was so sweet. Great chapter :)
11/27/2009 c4 4Ms. Jily
Cried again while reading it...UGH so damn sad :(

The worst is yet to come.

Great job, bb

11/27/2009 c4 Marianka
Very emotional.Yu made a good job..)
11/27/2009 c4 jjuliebee
Sob. Gut wrenching on such a visceral level. Now I won't say Ioved the chapter obviously ( ahem except the first part). Is Lizzies death (I feel sick just typing that) gonna pull them apart? Thank you for being brave enough to write this bb. I am looking forward to e/b making it thru, tho I honestly can't personally imagine surviving this. Love ya bb - I expect twunking tonite to make up for he fact u made me cry
11/27/2009 c4 vivalalove
Poor Bella and Edward! I definately did not see that one coming! I though she was going to get kidnapped. I don't know why, but I have a feeling that Edward is irrationally blame Bella while he is in a warped state of mind and their marital problems will start there. I can't wait to see what will happen next!
11/27/2009 c4 grrrr.edward
what the hel happened to her!

oh god.
11/24/2009 c3 Tanya Denali134
great chapter, I like how you are setting us up, I can feel the heartfail coming UGH!

Thanks for sharing
11/22/2009 c3 Ms. Jily
Sorry I'm late with my review! Crazy ass weekend

I love this chapter. I love the little family they have. Edward is so good with lizzie :)

Great job, BB

11/20/2009 c3 sariedee
they are too perfect...
11/20/2009 c3 vivalalove
great sweet! I love dadward so much!
11/20/2009 c3 grrrr.edward
god this adorable family just makes my heart melt.

dull ache still present thanks to the first chapter. i hope. oh godness i don't even know. considering hurt/comfort/angst are keywords.

i think im in for a bumpy road. ..yikees
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