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for Healing the Divide

11/20/2009 c3 8littlesecret84
yay! chapter 3!

I can't wait for more, bb :)
11/20/2009 c3 Marianka
I love it..)
11/14/2009 c2 grrrr.edward
ugh reading that just makes the prologue so much sadder!

i feel for them already :(
11/14/2009 c2 Tanya Denali134
Great chapter. I'm so scared for the prologue to come into play :(

You're doing a great job, Thanks for sharing your talent :)
11/13/2009 c2 sariedee
So...not as bad as I was expecting. I see how we're all set up for the happy are gonna pull the rug out soon aren't you? *sigh* lol
11/13/2009 c2 craZycraZycraZy
can't wait for you to update!
11/13/2009 c2 ECis4Me
Loving the story! In the first chapter, what an awful feeling. I've had my son disappear before, it is not a good feeling at all.
11/13/2009 c2 Marianka
I like it.:)
11/13/2009 c1 Marianka
OH,i hope she is not kidnapped.:)
11/13/2009 c2 vivalalove
great chapter! loved the flashbacks!
11/13/2009 c1 vivalalove
I'm excited for this story! I love fics where Edward and Bella already have an established relationship. I hope nothing happens to Lizzie :(
11/13/2009 c2 littlesecret84
Great chapter heather! Since I know what's coming everything makes me sad! :)
11/13/2009 c2 4Ms. Jily
Great chapter, BB. I love to see them together has a family. Edward is so cute with her it melts my meart... :)

You're doing a great job and I'm excited to see this story unfold...

Much love

11/9/2009 c1 Tanya Denali134
I'm scared, very scared. Great start! Can't wait to see where it goes.
11/8/2009 c1 sunfire04
Wow! great prologue. I look forward to the first chapter.
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