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for Healing the Divide

7/29/2010 c20 sariedee
now i want to read more again! lol me likes.
7/29/2010 c20 Ravenous Vamp
Wow...That was a roller coaster ride of emotions. Let me state I have no children and I was balling like a baby through most of this story. You have a wonderful way of expressing tragedy and pain and yet to show how through therapy and love that you can survive what most people believe is one of the most devastating events in a parent's life, the loss of a child. I am so glad I came upon this through the search engine of FanFiction. I am adding you to my favorite author list because even though this story speaks to us through tragedy, there was no overuse of phrases and words or of certain scenes, and it was so well written. It had a natural flow and those are the stories I really enjoy the most on FanFiction. I could honestly say for the very first time I could picture Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson playing those roles as an adult Bella and Edward. Although I know Bella and Edward stem more from the book, I do believe many people, including myself, always try to picture Steward and Pattinson as Edward and Bella as well as the other actors portraying the charactes in the movies.

Thank you for this wonderful piece of work. I know many people avoid these tragic stories because of incidents in their own personal lives which is understandable but I hope others will read this story because it really so well written and can inspire us that even in the worst tragedies we can survive.
7/29/2010 c20 Ensnared
whew this was a hard story to read- part of me is actually wondering why in the world i put myself through that! but i was crying pretty much the entire story, so i can't deny that this was a great story-so well written-i have no kids, no experience in that area at all but boy could i sob like no other just imagining it-whew-i'm off to find a fluffy lemon to balance my mood out lol thanks for writing!
7/29/2010 c20 AnotherJen
That was perfectly sweet (oh, and hot! :D)
7/29/2010 c20 Kimberlina903
Love it, love it, love it!
7/29/2010 c20 Bu rodrigues

so so so beautiful this outtake.

so beautiful Masen's love for his sister Lizzie, and celebration for her birthday.

so beautiful the love of Bella and Edward.

I simply loved Healing the Divide and I was very happy with it.

I'm waiting anxiously the next outtake.

I hope that with the new baby

7/29/2010 c20 TwilightFan104
Thanks for sharing a little glimpse into the future. Hope to read more soon.
7/29/2010 c20 7ManderBetis
Loved it!

A little girl would be the perfect addition to there family :)
7/29/2010 c20 grrrr.edward
soooooo freaking cute. love lvoe love
7/29/2010 c20 campcathryn
Great ending
7/29/2010 c20 deleepowman
Loved it
7/29/2010 c20 4Ms. Jily
Loved seeing them in the future!

Great work,BB

7/29/2010 c20 ladybugcullen
Love it!
7/29/2010 c6 MissDEEinsanelyME
why did you write these that was the saddest thing i ever read i cried like a baby
7/25/2010 c19 MaryAris98
Not going to lie, I cried in every chapter I read. My heart still aches a little for Lizzie, but I'm happy that Edward & Bella are finally truly healing & were blessed with another child. It was a tough read but amazing, nonetheless. Good job!
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