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for Healing the Divide

6/18/2010 c10 AnotherJen
6/18/2010 c9 AnotherJen
:( Look at me - still trying! lol I'm ready to bitchslap someone..not sure who yet - E or T!
6/18/2010 c1 Infame
You got me hook, line, and sinker!
6/17/2010 c8 AnotherJen
Tanya huh. I hope she's just a therapist. I can't handle much more HF. LOL
6/17/2010 c7 AnotherJen
ok, so i apologize for not reviewing since the prologue. I was a bit of a mess. It's a new day, let's see if this story can destroy me again. LOL. seriously, it's GOOD, it's just a little too realistic or some shit. But promised a friend that rec'd it that I'd keep going...
6/16/2010 c1 AnotherJen
Ah hell! I got this rec'd to me, all was going well - I had no idea it was about a missing kid. I'm a little scared to go on - it's HEA right? RIGHT?
6/5/2010 c19 2RandomCran
What a wonderful ending to this very heartfelt story!

The chapter where Edward and Bella packed up Lizzie's things was tender but important. I loved the dream that Bella had and that it finally brought her the peace she needed to move forward with life.

The Epilogue was great, letting us know that Edward and Bella continued their therapy and felt united as they months went on. The anniversary of Lizzie's death proved to be a difficult day and it is natural to become emotional and irrational before the day itself. What was important was that Bella and Edward were able to communicate about it afterwards and realize their emotions got the better of them.

The birth of Masen was a joyous event for the whole family and I loved that Edward was ready to tell their son about his big sister, Lizzie, right from the moment of birth.

She is indeed a great big sister.

Wonderful Story from start to finish. I'm so glad I discovered it and got to know you as a result.


6/4/2010 c6 1laulutje
I know you have already finished this story, but I really had to review to this chapter.

No other story has ever made me cry like this. The way you present this horrible event, it's so real, so moving and so beautiful, even though it is heartbreaking. I don't even have words for it. I just want to tell you that I'm looking forward to read the rest of this story and your other stories.

Please keep on writing, because you have a gift.
5/30/2010 c19 snshyne
that Tanya bitch still needs her license revoked. I don't give a shit.

is that normal? I don't have babies, but I mean she showered before? How does that work?

you should know, I was totally squicked out from the moment the water breaking was mentioned. i get wicked queasy. And I was also an emergency C.

Masen is an awesome name. This was a cute ending.

5/30/2010 c19 Twi-mania
That was such a great story, loved it. I love how it ended, even though it brought tears to my eyes, I loved how Edward was telling him about lizzy, so cute. Thanks for the great story!
5/30/2010 c19 vivalalove
*sigh* Awwww, I'm so happy everything worked out for them. That last line got to me. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story with us. I loved it and I can't wait to see what you will come out with next :)
5/28/2010 c19 rms33
That was such a wonderful story.
5/28/2010 c19 3DaniBanani78
I have tears coming down my face. I love love love this story and what a great name for the lil guy!
5/28/2010 c19 Dolphin4442
Fantastic story. No crying until the very last line this time :)
5/28/2010 c19 1scribbledwords
great ending :)
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