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1/17/2014 c15 Anonymous
Nice :) i hope u will be makingmore len and kaho stories
7/31/2011 c15 16Ongaku no Usagi
You mentioned Chiaki Shinichi! Kudos to you ^^
6/1/2011 c2 zariane
this chapter was so long and very detailed.. some of the details were not that important.. those who were not music-oriented people or not that imaginative when it comes to music will be bored.. you should make the story short but catchy to make the readers curious and then they will continue reading your works..
5/19/2011 c16 1ValkyrieGeiravor
Keep up the good work! Write more please xD
1/19/2011 c2 17another.creative.lover
(blushes) Omigod... so... What is it with this Erika girl? 0_0 I'm sure she's got something suspicious going on in her head... She probably knows all about Len and Kahoko's past relationship... but I'm wondering why she's digging it all up now... 0_0
1/18/2011 c1 another.creative.lover
:D Aw, only rated K+? (sigh) There is going to be some kind of kissing in here, is there? :D Yes? No? Gah, well I'll find out. I'm so glad that I managed to find a good La Corda D'Oro fic out here in this vast sea. XD LenKaho rocks! First chapter and I love the description. :) Love it, love it, love it. ^_^ Keep on writing! And I shall read more tomorrow... or whenever I get to it... as long as my battery doesn't die like how it's going to... right about now. XD
12/25/2010 c16 aimiera
this is one of the best La Corda D'Oro fanfiction. I am very happy with the ending and I hope for Erisu's happiness after her decision to give the man she love for his happiness. I am glad that your plot turn more interesting than I thought..

I hope I can see again your KahoLen story with plot as interesting as this or maybe more.. Good job.

Thank you,

12/6/2010 c16 1midnightrayx
Whoever told you that the ending was crappy must be drunk! :D
12/5/2010 c15 9jiyu22
"For the first time in my life," he admitted, voice rising slightly in a suppressed burst of passion, "I also can't see what happens next. But for the first time – ever – I'm actually looking forward to experiencing the unknown. I'm actually excited to see what's about to happen. Because it feels right. It feels like this is what we should be doing." He turned a thoughtful face to Kahoko. "Isn't that enough?"

Wow, i loved Len's expressiveness in this chapter... saying all things right!

Lovely setting too: the bridge and the flowers and the breeze and the koi!

Nice ending!
12/5/2010 c16 gizelle-chan
I will definitely miss this story! So goood! thank you for the story! and welcome :P

great job! thumbs up! :DDD
12/5/2010 c15 gizelle-chan
GAH! it's actually finished. *sniffs* im gonna miss this fic you know... please write another story where lots of us will be dying to read and wait for your updates teehee 3 :) LOVED IT!
12/5/2010 c14 gizelle-chan
gah! they finally made up! THANK YOU! i love this chap sooo much :D off to the next chap ;)
12/2/2010 c16 12fanfatic08

just wanted to say that i loved your story and to tell you that you should stop saying that the ending sucks because, seriously, i liked it a lot. as opposed to what i believe other writers would have done, you ended it with a scene featuring "the other woman". i'm quite certain that others would have had ended it with kahoko going against the odds and having a child.

anyway, enough of that. BTG is finished and as much as i want to read more, i'm sure that if you had stretched it more, the story would be ruined.

hope to read more from you!

12/2/2010 c16 3jervaulx
AWWWWW! The ending was good, but I would really want to know what happens to Erisu and Azuma after . . . But the TsukiHino was pure romance, not at all cheesy, but just adorable :]

You don't really need to thank me about the Sawajiri Erika thingy, but if you insist, it's my pleasure . . . I was attracted to 'One Litres of Tears' and reading the end credits, I saw her name and bore it in mind. Teehee!
11/8/2010 c13 Jiyu22
I'm glad you gave details of Ryou and kaho's conversation after he had confessed.

Now Len has to make his move!

I'll be glad to read the happy end of this story :)
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