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9/17/2010 c10 12fanfatic08
wow! that was a very, very LONG chapter but i enjoyed it. despite the fact that there are many OC's, i think you managed to used them well in your fic. plus i'm glad you considered my suggestion. =)

i'm running out of things to say... so, anyway, all i wanted to say is.. please update really, really soon!


(sorry for the late review. i was busy. plus, i couldn't resist re-reading the whole thing. =^_^= )
9/16/2010 c10 hihara abby-chan
Hi, I really just signed up for this site just so I could comment on how well this story was written. Just finished all chapters in an hour, and really, I can't wait to see how this will end. A very good way to keep your readers interested is to keep them hanging and wondering and asking for more. Which is exactly what I'm feeling right now. :)

I noticed that you've just updated four days ago, yet this story was published about a year ago. I hope you're still continuing this story. :)

And, seeing as we're from the same country, kudos to you, kababayan! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more from you.
9/14/2010 c10 2catstop
GREAT story - love it! UPDATE!
9/13/2010 c10 fspsarcastic

The story is great. It's hard to follow at times but I think thats your intention. Anyway this is the first La corda'd oro fanfic as well as first fanfic I'ev read in a while and I have to say I enjoyed it. Please continue to write.
9/13/2010 c10 2fiasco-freak
I absolutely love this story! Well done!
8/7/2010 c9 1phanpymanaphy
This is good :D Grammar and punctuation's good and story's wonderful :D Hope you keep it up and I hope to read an update soon :D
5/18/2010 c9 3jervaulx
Oh no, I'm so cruel. I knew you updated but wasn't able to read it. Anyhow, I love this. Super love this fic especially this chapter.
4/19/2010 c9 aika
this is very very good... i hope you continue writing.. good luck! i love this..
4/1/2010 c9 Puresepe
cheesy?not really..i know a story which is much more chessier than yours..just don't 4get 2 update this story,alright?
3/31/2010 c8 Girl Wonder 2005
I'm very happy to have met a writer like you who puts so much spirit into her work - we can all see it from the hard work you're putting into this

Kaji back there sounds exactly like what i thought a doctor should sound

I don't think you have to mind so much about the 'reader friendliness' coz if you downgrade the IQ required too much, it'll ruin your fic.

I really am in love how you are slowly putting the plot into place, and I'm really looking forward to when the 'Len goes to shimizu's place screaming for Hino' fits into the puzzle

Aand I'm also very (very) happy that you did not choose to use the original motif for this fanfic...

Though, I do have to ask why you didn't put more work into shaping Len's reaction when Kaji reveals the truth to him, and you only summed it all up with the 'confused' expression...

well i guess in comparison to the greatness of the rest of the fic this isn't much to dwell on at all =P

so once again I'm looking forwards to reading your next chapter (i'm getting close to your latest update ! no!)=DD
3/31/2010 c7 Girl Wonder 2005

its getting better and better...


Premature ovarian faliure?




it's great to know another person who appreciates FMA, and more so that you also appreciate the fandom.

quite a lot of the people involved with the fandom are pretty sophisticated themselves.

so tell me,

do you like ROYAI?

3/31/2010 c6 Girl Wonder 2005
ah this is so god

pls keep up with the good work =DD
3/31/2010 c4 Girl Wonder 2005

la corda, nodame, hitman, conan...

it seems like we share quite a few interests...

now that you used that phrase on Etou it's become the funny kind of parody =DD

I have to say I think I could sympathize with Hino for the hexagonal (not counting Etou, since you say it's set in Primo Passo) relationship that she's stuck in [If this ever actually happened in real life, it'd be seriously (real horribly) messed up]. If it were me having 5 guys in love with me my mind would be blown... Firstly I'd wonder what on earth I did wrong to make god have me bear so much love, and they are all such wonderful people too...=.=
3/31/2010 c3 Girl Wonder 2005

another awesome chapter

that crash of fate was seriously epic - which also means that your characters and setting are so well established that I could completely imagine all that shock

For one I definitely do like your new Len. I too completely agree with you that Len's core is his, as you coined "repressed gentleness".

P.S. i was wondering why you didn't put Mine (the inventor of the glamorous violin playing 8D) in there somewhere - makes the parody all the more complete =D
3/31/2010 c2 Girl Wonder 2005



tell me i did not mistake the cross anime reference?

what an amazing way to write a crossover...

I love the way how you're setting things in

the sense of time may be off sometimes, but I think you've made an absolutely brilliant opening here (though i might be too late saying that, since you're already onto the 6th chapter)

After lingering on for about 4 years, you would (or at least this is what I think) generally have observed the existence of a little paradox pair of writer types. The other good qualities of the included authors regardless, you may find that there the writers who advance in their writing craft; and there are the writers who do not - for whatever reasons I'm sure a person as intelligent as you would be able to imagine.

And I think you're the type to advance. So I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of your chapters

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