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for The Hope of the Senju Clan

10/31 c30 Yohh
Man, Naruto is much stronger than her, he's not even use kurama chakra.
10/6 c41 nimaroma52
El capitulo esta increible de verdad gracias por la actualizacion
9/23 c14 Aedwards179
Naruto has too many skills. I hate when they try to make the MC be great in a ton of fields. there's a reason Shinobi mostly only specialize in 2 things. he should drop the sword at least. he could be a lot more creative and destructive with mokuton with the plant manipulation but he has to split his time between taijutsu, genjutsu, ninjutsu, kenjutsu, fuinjutsu and iryo-jutsu. he should master or get to high jonin-low kage level on 2 of them before branching out.
9/23 c12 Aedwards179
please don't give Naruto a curse mark. I really hate fanfics that do that. it makes too many unnecessary problems.
9/23 c12 Aedwards179
I don't understand why they need to tell the council his abilities. He's a ninja. it's better for less people to know about his abilites.
9/22 c41 coolkidmehn
good story!
9/22 c41 coolkidmehn
great story!
9/20 c35 TatsuyaShiva4
With that Chapter you made Naruto the B*tch of the Council. Sadly you couldnt find another way. I expected more.
9/20 c22 TatsuyaShiva4
WAHT THE FUCK IS WORNG WITH NARUTO! Did bump his Head so much that he has now Brains anymore?! The Sealing is more important and his stupid pride is just arg...Than he deserves hell and misery if he is this dumb!
9/15 c26 Guest
Naruto - The Architect (or The Originator. ). BC of how many justus he invents/redesigns, hes already at over 5 just off the top of my head.
8/30 c1 joaquin.asnolasco
there Will bee second season of the hope of the senju clan
8/4 c7 1venventus619
not gonna lie why would Naruto try to investigate. the first thing Tsunade should teach Naruto to run from enemy Shinobi.
7/29 c12 Naruto Sleep - Runa
7/29 c41 felipindelrio
7/29 c8 Naruto Sleep - Runa
I sure do hope this gets better!
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