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for The Hope of the Senju Clan

4/5 c8 kokichi2002
lol now I remember why I stopped reading this fic. funny how I also stopped on this specific chapter name discovery.

naturally I prefer a long story like this and wouldn't even mind a couple of grammatical error here and there but after realizing I have to put up with this for the whole damn story and the fact that you even gave naruto the speech pattern of a high class nobility despite knowing you are already struggling with the normal one is just mind boggling.

why not remake this and put it on chat gpt or something.
3/7 c1 Guest
Inspired is a bad word the first chapter first as well as most of the rest is gross plagiarism
3/1 c33 mbrevig
Lol yep you wrote it so poorly you needed an exmachina to keep him alive. Done reading this.
3/1 c25 mbrevig
Yep poor writing here. You decided to nerf Naruto to make the story more interesting but it backfired because your going to need an exmachina type level up to account for how week he is with the curse seal.
3/1 c21 mbrevig
Dumb to give naruto curse mark.
2/7 c5 1PeachesPlums1718
You're writing sucks so badly. Thats the only problem, you're way to desciptive. Like there's descriptive, and then theres this story.
1/9 c35 ItzJoe
you actually had them give in to the council? all that blowing up in anger just to accept it like that? im glad you stopped writing because your terrible at it
1/9 c32 ItzJoe
not to mention you've turned naruto into a complete dunce, you under-utilise what you've given him, you have him having all these girls chasing him yet he does nothing to recognise it, you said he was going to CRUSH neji, yet he did anything but that, i can see why you stopped writing as you are terrible, and from reading others comments giving you advice on how to better your writing style that you clearly ignore, you an idiot plain and simple
1/9 c31 ItzJoe
fuck me do you drag out your chapters, constantly over-explaining things that dont even need explaining, not to mention you stick to one scene too much, there is a reason books and tv shows etc change back and forth between scenes, it keeps it from getting boring, which this story has now become
1/9 c13 10jocoleman2017
hello please update please
1/9 c26 ItzJoe
i dont know if you read these or not still but when a kage greets another kage they dont use the sama honorific they use dono, as sama implies that the other kage are their superior which isnt the case
12/20/2023 c16 Jakulo
Man your writing s soo bland, i know that you're not a english speaker mainly so i got no problem with your patchy dialogues but atleast make effort on making the characters have personality instead of just repeating the same shit over again make them nore human man
11/2/2023 c41 Iris paudel
My friend, the albumn does not come when i search "Hope of the Senju Clan Larkin 2727". could you please just make another story with the images or you could type out the link or you can paste it in plain text by right clicking with the mouse. but please do make the albumn for the image clearer as i cant find it
11/1/2023 c39 1Ninetailedblackdragon
I really like this story so far! Super good and well written! Cant wait to see what happens next!
10/27/2023 c40 12Dragonkyubii
It sucks that you stopped writing, I hope you’ll come back and finish this story
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