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for The Hope of the Senju Clan

9/19/2021 c41 4Tlyer2
The aliens are coming to have sexy time, but it won’t be sexy for us... no it would be horrifying, we will be eaten like Mice, FUUUCK I WAAAANT MICE FATHER! IM SORRY REEEE.

I apologise for my ape like behaviour, I have bipolar retardation.

Anyway, good fic.
9/5/2021 c30 GamerTag2228
how come Naruto got all flustered and shy when he saw Yugito's shirt ripped but when he fought Mai in the preliminaries he was fine?
9/3/2021 c13 Guest
I love naruto and kushinas duo
9/3/2021 c12 Guest
9/3/2021 c23 GamerTag2228
why is the two tails always so perverted in Naruto fanfics?
9/1/2021 c2 Guest
Tsunade is devil
9/1/2021 c1 Guest
They got dirty
8/31/2021 c5 GamerTag2228
to much jiraiya getting beaten, I mean it happens 2 times a chapter
8/25/2021 c29 Hana no Somei
I love the story only one thing I would hate to se Sasuke with karui seen as she is much too prideful to fall for a pretty boy with such a attitude
8/16/2021 c19 Infinitykxrma
Orochimaru cant put a curse seal in naruto because of the kyuubi..
8/14/2021 c20 2Tibokas
only have one thing to say about naruto getting the curse mark. Nope, not reading further
8/10/2021 c41 legitperson
Ok how do i feel about this well simple naruto is a spoiled brat
8/3/2021 c20 Guest
Your fanfic is great and all but I stopped reading the time you gave naruto thr curse mark
7/26/2021 c41 gscott529
When is the next chapter of hope of the senju clan coming out
7/6/2021 c41 Guest
Please, Update
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