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for The Hope of the Senju Clan

7/5/2021 c7 2D-Trinx
Are you illiterate? Or are you just so horrendous at spelling that even a 7 year Naruto could spell better than you. Also your grammar is so bad, like have you not heard of apostrophe's or comma's. Ughh this is such a good concept, only if a competent human would write it.
7/5/2021 c3 Guest
I like this, but Naruto's whisker marks are not a result of the sealing, he had them when he was born, since Kushina was the jinchuriki before Naruto. You can check the flashbacks, he had them before Minato sealed Kurama inside him
6/24/2021 c26 jiwames1
I really don't like how we can't just force on the battle. Every five to eight lines, we have to switch between the audience, the battle, and the kages booth.
6/22/2021 c13 yochan123
And this is where I quit this story. The horrible grammar and spelling is even beyond my tolerance, not to mention all of these super stupid characters playing pretend ninja with their crushes and angst
6/22/2021 c12 yochan123
Jesus fuck kiba is trash I hate reading about this idiot
6/22/2021 c11 yochan123
Ugh did you really have to put him back in stupid team 7 with the emo and crazy Sakura? I hate these characters

Sasuke is so gonna defect to orochi
6/22/2021 c10 yochan123
Sigh this is why it’s so pointless to put him in a village with idiotic shits like kiba Sakura and sasuke
6/22/2021 c9 yochan123
Sigh now naruto had to deal with idiots
6/22/2021 c8 yochan123
Finally a smart naruto who can see his resemblance to the fourth Hokage

And also no spoiled princesses for him
6/22/2021 c7 yochan123
I hope naruto has his future harem ppl here
6/22/2021 c4 yochan123
Damn jiraiya can he stop being such a shit
6/22/2021 c3 yochan123
Minato what an idiot just let hiruzen sacrifice himself sigh
At least they left now so naruto won’t grow up as an outcast
6/17/2021 c41 Darkanaklusmos70
Awesome story you got there
6/15/2021 c22 yatelo106
Best F-ing omake I've ever read
6/14/2021 c41 12daleaaronallen82
will Kushina fall in love with Naruto in this story?
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