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for The Hope of the Senju Clan

6/13/2021 c18 NEETReader
good job
6/9/2021 c19 Tryaxus
Lmao Filthy-Nine hahahahahahahahahahahaha
6/8/2021 c15 Tryaxus
Ayo sorry but when Haku female is, is there a chance of NarutoXHaku ?
6/8/2021 c12 Tryaxus
Question of mine is, is there any type of romance if yes is it non-Harem or Harem?
5/24/2021 c10 Guest
I literally haven’t noticed any spelling or grammar problems, maybe it’s cause I’m half asleep or something like that. The only problem which isn’t really a problem just a preference is the chapter length, 800k word story in 40 chapters is quite long chapters around 20k I think
5/16/2021 c15 Guest
Um I confused on how naruto could feel so attached to haku who he just met and only had one conversation with. Also why didn’t naruto make a bunch a shadow clone and use his super Strength. He could have gotten his team killed for holding back like that. Then he hit kakashi with a justu now what if tenzo wasn’t there kakashi would have been dead. I get you portray naruto to be hot head at times but not this rash to point where he put his team mate in danger for someone where he had one conversation with.
5/16/2021 c15 Guest
5/16/2021 c41 Clown Exorcist
Ninjas to Warcraft yeaaaaahhhhhh
5/15/2021 c41 Guest
estuvo bueno
pero pregunta ya no va ver más capitulos
5/15/2021 c28 Clown Exorcist
To be honest you're dragging this out too much, To end the chuunin exam at your rate it should've ended 9-10 chapters ago. Im on this chapter and the Suna invasion ain't even here. I was hoping for a timeskip
5/14/2021 c19 Clown Exorcist
Didn't Orochimaru say that he can't put A cursed seal on Naruto if he isn't willing to. Then how tf does this douche able to put a Seal on Naruto
5/5/2021 c41 JCarrasco
Keep it up I love this story please.
5/5/2021 c11 PJO18
I love the story but I think you're main problem is that you use as too much I doubt you'll see this but if you do reduce on your use of as
5/2/2021 c6 CoffeeHandShaky
Goddamn this grammar is unbearable
4/22/2021 c11 locked e
i love this story and all but DANG FIX THAT FUCKING GRAMMAR LOL

''Naruto though to himself''


and it makes it hella hard to read but other than that its pretty good.
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