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for The Hope of the Senju Clan

10/23/2023 c19 3bjdakooch
I will continue to listen to the story and I appreciate the great effort you put into the story. However, I believe you should shorten your fights a bit. There is quite a lot of repetitive themes in the fights. In general, fights don’t tend to move the plot line forward and if you shorten them you can put more into character development. I really hope there was a good reason Naruto received the curse mark because it really really pissed me off.
10/13/2023 c32 kokichi2002
the bringer of darkness depraved the target of all 5 senses. that's why it's s class genjutsu
10/13/2023 c31 kokichi2002
I can't help but notice you keep on misspelling the word "Tired".
10/12/2023 c22 kokichi2002
okay the omake cracked me lol
10/12/2023 c20 kokichi2002
curse mark wouldn't really work on naruto with kurama and him having wood release. why do you think cannon ororchimaru didn't put a curse mark on naruto?

and curse mark only feeds on the negative emotion. so far naruto hasn't felt anything of sorts other than fear and anger.
10/11/2023 c15 kokichi2002
can you stop adding a Japanese word. I'm literally cringing.
9/11/2023 c37 2kanjichibi
Tsunade and Naruto are loud mouthed idiots in this story woth out an ounce of intelligence in both of their heads combined. When is Naruto going to grow up, getting angry at any strangers who say anything about him
9/11/2023 c35 kanjichibi
The worst chapter ever that breaks all the character development that happenned throughout the story until now.
7/28/2023 c1 Guest
how does badly written trash like this get so many favs? i assume kids who find the premise super funny?
7/10/2023 c41 gdioeDragneel
Is this story still going on? She is extremely interesting, please continue!
6/26/2023 c12 Guest
Yeah this would have been a Naruto and kushina story time I know you had your own agenda for the story but this story was the best storyline for that type of situation I wish you luck on whatever future fanfiction endeavors you have is unfortunate I don't think this one will be completed the coronavirus epidemic took the bite out a lot of fanfiction I think this site is officially dead unfortunately all that's on here is old stories I'll never be printed thank you for at least trying.
6/17/2023 c5 austindowney97
Too much pain on Jiraiya for me but good ig. I mean tsnaude loved Jiraiya
6/6/2023 c41 Lordgoth
I assume this is done for?
5/19/2023 c23 Guest
Dios mío que basura, prácticamente agarraste al mismo Naruto del canon y le regalaste poderes, ni siquiera cambiándole de padres y de vida deja de ser el mismo subnormal idealista e impulsivo de siempre, ayudar a Hinata y Tenten a coste de su propia participacion? Personajes irrelevantes tanto en fanfic y en canon diciendo que son sus amigos aunque haya interactuando con ellos poco o nada , vaya mierda
5/13/2023 c19 Thanks
Why didn't he use the earring to call his mom?
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