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for The Hope of the Senju Clan

7/1/2022 c21 41Animeharem
I really hope you explain how Naruto can use the curse mark when he has the kyuubi or this story went down a grade
6/21/2022 c25 musadak.khalid
The curse seal on naruto ruined everything
6/12/2022 c1 z
www .you tube watch?v_tOHpLYgXf0
6/10/2022 c9 Max
T_T most of the chapter is word count Bable
6/9/2022 c3 Max
ch 3 review from author comment at the end, it seems naruto will be useless like the original I mean he will start training at twelve yr when Uchiha Shisui was half Kage level at 10 years old as for Hashirama and Madara LoL, can't see fanfic author making any justice from this new naruto 'origin' the one thing any author aside from One-punch man author will ever do is make their mc op, LoL this is a disheartening trend. 99.999% of all mc are pathetic underdogs and they don't even have Jackie chan style to compensate LoL
6/8/2022 c9 1Kokusen
naruto is evil but in good way. it is funny to read this
6/8/2022 c9 Kokusen
well your jiraya parts of story is very funny
6/8/2022 c6 Kokusen
in this story jiraya get bad luck but he had it coming
6/8/2022 c5 Kokusen
poor jiraya
6/8/2022 c4 Kokusen
jiraya trying to breast feed was funny absolutely funny. if i am honest in start i don't like the idea but so far i love the story
5/26/2022 c41 proslayers
welll where are you its been 4 years scince you have uploaded a chapter please come back or
we must assume your rip
5/24/2022 c21 3AlexanderTheGrey
The entire Exam arc just isn’t handled well.

It’s like Naruto is constantly being held back, has made no progress since he was 9, everyone suddenly matches or surpasses his physical abilities which should be ridiculous, his stamina (which should be monstrous) always seems to run out, I still don’t know why he focuses so much on kenjutsu when refining his taijutsu would be so much more efficient and powerful with his superhuman strength, and it’s just really forced.
5/24/2022 c19 AlexanderTheGrey
None of this cursed seal stuff should be happening.

This is so frustrating.

Konoha ninja also all suck at their jobs.
5/24/2022 c18 AlexanderTheGrey
Orochimaru and Kabuto sneaking into konoha I can believe due to how intimately familiar they are with its inner workings and Orochimaru’s Arsenal of freaky or messed up justsu, but some Rain shinobi who’s probably at Jonin level getting into a highly scrutinized testing without getting caught is just sad.

Konoha possibly not knowing that 3 ‘enemy’ jinchuriki were in the village also doesn’t make sense.

Also kind of annoyed at how inconsistent Naruto’s level seems to be.
5/22/2022 c41 Guest
where's the next chapter
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