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for The Hope of the Senju Clan

11/12/2021 c41 Guest
Where next chapter
11/11/2021 c1 mingkenglego53
11/8/2021 c1 XGun
At first I thought they were doing something I think is good in using lesser known, filler and even game characters instead of just making OC no one cares about, but then Hanzo's granddaughter gets a long, pointless, boring fight.

Not to mention all the edgelord, dumb stuff like giving Naruto a curse seal on top of a dozen other powers. Either make him a jinchuuriki or don't and give him the seal. Instead in this and many other poor stories he has to not only have the Kyuubi, but he's also a Senju. Giving him the curse seal on top of it all just feels like a child going on about all the powers they have until he also has the rinnegan, can go Super Saiyan and had Wolverine's claws.

There comes a point when it becomes too much and just seems pathetic, not to mention dumb since it doesn't make sense in the logic of the world presented to us. Having the character's powers make sense and have sensible results is infinitely more fulfilling then him having countless powers which are randomly negated or nerfed to prolong fights. They're just boring and any fight scene is just a sign that you have a large section to skip.
11/8/2021 c1 Whod
Continually using outside references instead of letting your writing convey what's happening really shows how poor of a writer one is. That alone makes the story below average, not to mention stuff like trying to not make Naruto seem OP by making other characters randomly stronger while he shows off dozens of jutsu that should end the fight.

As is it feels like the writer is trying to distance themselves from other stories and instead becomes the worst of them. If you have an OP character just use it, you can make some fun stories, there are a bunch of manga and anime with broken, OP characters that are still fun to read. They just take some thought and skill to write. Either make his build slow or just accept that he's OP and make it fun.
10/30/2021 c11 Isa
omg naruto
10/29/2021 c20 Guest
The Kyuubi would stop the curse mark. Even if it’s being suppressed
10/26/2021 c9 I'll be Your kitty
damn i know right and im a girl
10/25/2021 c12 corjca1
dirty pedo backstabber senna pedo snake shirt lifter lol
10/24/2021 c16 13Write Your Wrongs
I hope this isn’t some cliche where Naruto also gets bitten by Orochimaru. I hope this author has more creativity than that.
10/20/2021 c41 12Dragonkyubii
Please please please update please
10/18/2021 c19 Guest
I don't care what your opinion on Flames are but you're a goddamn idiot for writing the story I've seen the story written by others and they've done a better job
10/18/2021 c16 Guest
10/13/2021 c41 Frank200
Por que ya no la continuaste.?
10/11/2021 c1 itioministralis
Please don't mind the previous comment. I am clearly blind
10/11/2021 c2 itioministralis
You should've added 'humour' to the tags. This is clearly a parody.
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