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for Revenge of a broken heart

12/13/2011 c2 angel3of3your3nightmare
i love the story so far and i cant wate to see what happens! i hope you update soon.
10/9/2011 c2 Sasina
Very nice =D. I want to know how it develops.
9/4/2011 c2 existential-despair
/is in love with this story

So I love all the hints of attraction between them already :} also the but with all the female servants watching Zuko train was great, you know that's the truth hahahaha ;D anyway great job with this story so far!

/loyally waits for next chapter

-iLove Toko and Seddie
8/31/2011 c1 4KiwiMerino
I loved it! You're not going to continue it though...


I wish you could continue the story! It's awesome!
12/16/2009 c1 existential-despair
this is a really cute story! are you going to continue it?
11/10/2009 c1 TezTra
Awesome, the first new Toko story I have read in a while :) finally :) Nice writing and I think I'll follow this one :) I wonder how their relationship will start then develop :) have fun writing :)

Happy Days

11/9/2009 c1 14Waiyi
Very interesting, and quite in character ...I like it :D continue please :P

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