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8/5/2010 c8 23Alby Mangroves
I loved this: "Her hair was brilliant tones of chestnut and mahogany, and other glossy woods and nuts. Mine was more like something you'd find on a particularly active Wookie..."

I really like your Rose too - isn't it amazing that even the beautiful people can be insecure when it comes to needing to be loved? We've all got dismorphia, I think! So cute how she reacted to bella telling her about Emmett's feelings for her :)

And WHOA! Dr Cullen has a red mustang! This the the BEST FIC EVER, but what a cliffhanger!

I know from firsthand experience that the impending bundle puts a sudden end to anything else you've got going while you try to get your shit together past the tiredness and the sickness, blah blah blah. I'm with you sister, I hope you get your writing mood back and finish this puppy though, what a pearler!
8/5/2010 c7 Alby Mangroves
That feeling right there, that you'd do anything, hide in any way, pretend like crazy that you're okay, do ANYTHING it takes just to not be pitied byt the one person you'd poke your own eyes out for - I know that one really well.

Amazing writing; you're capturing all these raw emmotions so well it's like I've lived it right alongside Bella. Great job xxx
8/5/2010 c6 Alby Mangroves
I'm possibly going to have the same dream tonight. Thanks for that. Thank fuck that they finally had a chat!
8/5/2010 c5 Alby Mangroves
I"m writing these as I read so I don't forget what made an impression on me when I review at the end:

WE ARE THE KNIGHTS OF Nii! My favorite part was always the 'Rabbit - it's got really big teeth.'

I'm thinking the errant ball was purposely lauched at Jake... is it Edward or Emmett who followed them to the arcade?

Wow... I wish my mother was as open and receptive as Renee. I can't imagine having a talk about anything with her, let alone a date with a boy.

How's Jake's entrance on the bike; here Bella's bodyguards, check out my ride while I cut your lunch! lol
8/4/2010 c2 52old4fanfic
poor Bella...the public ralph is never pretty
8/4/2010 c1 2old4fanfic
I love geeky Bella. Got to like a girl that can throw a punch
8/4/2010 c4 23Alby Mangroves
I was really hoping you'd describe the outfit there because as cute as she thinks she looks, it's THE *80s* ! lol

No seriously, once again, I laughed, cried a little bit for Bella's broken heart and cringed too. Love your work!

Hope you're okay, haven't seen you around Twitter much lately!
8/4/2010 c3 Alby Mangroves
DUM DUM DUUUUUUM! The plot thickens. I wonder how the next day will pan out! Can't wait to read more. Pity it's midnight, huh? Love Love x
8/4/2010 c2 Alby Mangroves
I jusr dug around and found my Walkman. It has a tape in it. It's The Cure! This story is making me so emotional that if I weren't pregnant I'd ttly suspect I was premenstrual. You've hit all the right teenage notes with me, it's like I've been here. Loving it!
8/4/2010 c1 Alby Mangroves
I love that Emmett totally facilitated the little snuggle on the van, that's what friends are for, man!

This made me so nostalgic... all I could think about was my own Robert-Smith lookalike crush. He was gorgeous, and about as far out of my league as a popular boy could be to a migrant nobody who didn't speak any English.

I started this chapter laughing, and ended it crying.

8/4/2010 c8 1stariskye
Oooh shit. I hope Bella kicks some ass.

Is Edward ever gonna realize what's in front of him? Because how things are going it seems like he's always gonna see her as a friend. Poor Bella, glad she punched Jake :}

8/3/2010 c8 msflossypants
Aaahhhh! I have been reading this every chance I have had since the weekend and now I am stuck in cliffhanger hell! Lovin' it.
7/28/2010 c1 Cravewords3423
GREAT GREAT beginning. I feel bad for Bella because she loves Edward and he has no clue, but I also feel bad for Edward because he is only a guy and they never know anything. I really think he was trying to give her the experience she wanted without having to include random guys. He didnt realize he was being a douche.
7/24/2010 c8 serenitynow12
omg i wanna slap edward and pull his head out of his ass
7/22/2010 c8 09kez
Just found your story and couldn't put it down until I had read the whole thing. Fantastic, really believeable characters and a lovely Emmett. I love that you can see her as a teenager, not a mature woman inside a young body like in a lot of stories. I love that despite her insecurities and need to please (totally understandable), she is true to herself and lets her generous spirit show through (something the movies have completely missed). I also love that you get an idea of what Edward is feeling, including how his immaturity is getting in his way. Great stuff, thanks for the story
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