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7/22/2010 c8 09kez
Just found your story and couldn't put it down until I had read the whole thing. Fantastic, really believeable characters and a lovely Emmett. I love that you can see her as a teenager, not a mature woman inside a young body like in a lot of stories. I love that despite her insecurities and need to please (totally understandable), she is true to herself and lets her generous spirit show through (something the movies have completely missed). I also love that you get an idea of what Edward is feeling, including how his immaturity is getting in his way. Great stuff, thanks for the story
7/20/2010 c6 karalian70
Your story is fucking amazing!Please,update soon!Can't wait!
7/18/2010 c8 Yongqi

you cannot leave me haning like that.

Update please!

Love the story and i cannot wait to see what happens between them next.
7/17/2010 c8 2dharma.issued
tease lol
7/15/2010 c1 Pastiche Pen
I've really enjoyed this so far-I love how you've characterized Bella, and Edward is hilariously believable. Also, very very funny. I totally spit watermelon at one of Emmett's jokes.

Thanks for writing!
7/15/2010 c5 3rushed
Just wanted to tell you I'm really enjoying your story and your writing. I had to laugh during this chapter when she fesed up to the drinking. I remember a similar conversation with my mother at age 16 when I'd been to my first night club. I'd seen so many people I knew I was sure shed find out so I figured I should confess (legal drinking age where I live is 18 so not nearly as bad as it sounds). I was the good daughter so I got away with it too!
7/14/2010 c8 1HappyCup
I really enjoy this story. I remember feeling that way in high school. Hope they have a happier ending than I did, heh.
7/14/2010 c8 rosewowie
OMG...I can't go on not knowing what's happening. Update? Pretty please? And thank you.
7/14/2010 c8 1movieandbookgirl
Well holy crap! I absolutely cannot wait for the next chapter. This story is too awesome for its own good. Great job!
7/13/2010 c8 ThouArtLove
I wonder what Edward was smiling about in the end when Bella was calling his name...
7/13/2010 c8 jennyap
WOOT WOOT! So glad to see this chapter! THANK U THANK U THANK U! Well written & exciting, can't wait to read more : )
7/13/2010 c8 hollygoeslightly
take all the time you need with chapters if they're going to continue to be this amazing! ok just kidding i'd love if they came out quickly, but only because i can't wait to see what happens next!
7/13/2010 c6 hollygoeslightly
i KNEW edward was the one who hit jake with the golf ball!
7/13/2010 c1 hollygoeslightly
the punch, and bella's parting words, were just so perfect. a triumph for all the girls who've had moments like that and been unable to articulate themselves so well. or throw a right hook. i feel vicariously vindicated. :)
7/13/2010 c1 weatherday
oh, i think i'm gonna love this Bella
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