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7/5/2010 c8 jimemon
Amazing chapter!
7/5/2010 c8 6pkitten21
God - what a cliffie! Thanks for the update bb!
7/5/2010 c8 interested party
This story is owning me, but also giving me a serious ulcer! Your writing is amazing and this story just pulls at my heart and stomach. I am dying here. Clearly Edward thinks she had sex with Jake (ugh) and now he's going to be all mixed up with Lauren. Really, it makes my stomach hurt. But that's how involved you've gotten me in this story, so thanks for that. Can't wait for more of my heart getting ripped out!

From your a/n, sounds like you might be expecting - if so, major congrats! And sorry for the terrible thing (friend betrayal?) - that sucks. Best of luck to you in everything.
7/5/2010 c8 Starnani21
Huh, so Lauren was sucking on Edward's neck. Man, how the times have changed! Do you have any idea how tame that seems nowadays?

Anyway, can we say 'total misunderstanding?' Did Edward really think that Bella would have sex with Jake? I thought they were like the best of friends, he should really have known better. But, yeah, I guess when hormones and feelings get in the mix logic and reason goes out the window.

Also, I thinks it pretty funny your introduction for this chapter is flowing into the next. It's like your hinting at an even deeper level of maturity that exists within Bella. I don't know if that's possible, but it is kind of nice to think of a high school aged girl looking at life and relationships the way that she does. I don't think the era should make a difference- there is always a choice between right and wrong, and it's in adolescence that we become individuals who begin to act, think, live, and overall, function alone and according to personal codes.

I think I appreciated seeing that glow about Bella in this chapter. She's growing from the experiences that have made her feel more and think more about the things going on and the people around her.
7/5/2010 c8 Jlivest
O.M.G. I just have to say I am freaking enthralled by your story! I came across it yesterday morning, and was tempted to cancel my pool party just so I could sit and read it! And of course most of today got shot to hell when we had unexpected company show up. But they've got, and I've finished reading all there is - and I'm seriously putting this one into my top 5! I wish I had found it earlier - I would have SO made a bid for FGB on an EPOV! The story really is just exceptionally fantastic and I really hope you are a frequent updater! (I swore I wouldn't start another WIP, but DAMN. I couldn't resist!) Thank you so much for a great read!
7/5/2010 c8 darcy13
I'm totally loving the Grandma "candy" analogy. It's perfect. Jacob is like diabetic candy. Perfect. You eat it if you have to in order to survive, but if you could, you'd always choose to have real candy.

I think that the TW character of Bella would have never chosen Jacob for the simple fact that your "candy" analogy illustrates, she DID NOT "need" Jacob to survive. He may have made it easier, he may have provided comfort, but in the end, Bella Swan would have never settled down in Forks (or La Push). She wanted bigger things.

Your Bella character is such a strong young woman. She'd never ultimately settle for comfort and familiarity either. If at all possible, she'd want the real candy or she'd do without.
7/5/2010 c8 Weolynn
Great chapter! Poor Edward thinks Bella and Jake had sex! What did "auren do, slip him a drug? He clearly thought he was with Bella! Jake is a jerk and needed to be bitch slapped. I hope they set the story right for Rose! How old is everyone again?
7/5/2010 c8 NeatoBandito
I'm SO happy to see an update, though I am sorry about the "unbelievably shitty" thing that happened to you (but yay for the "terrifyingly wonderful"!). I really feel for Bella - she's trying to move on from Edward, but it's not really working out the way she was hoping. And Edward? I want to say that deep down in my heart, I believe he feels something for Bella, but he seems to keep screwing it up.
7/5/2010 c8 chenelle
I am glad to see that you have updated! Sorry about misunderstanding your penname change... but at least I may have gotten it cleared up for some others too. This chapter was complicated and beautiful. My heart hurts for Bella because she wants to move on and can't, and it hurts for Edward because he doesn't know what he wants except that he knows it somehow includes Bella. There is depth to the characters that I am waiting for you to hit on, but that may come out when you do Edward's pov. Either way, thank you for continuing this story. We know heartbreak like this, but we also know the beauty that can come from it if the other person just lets go. Keep up the wonderful writing, and welcome back to the ff world! :)
7/5/2010 c8 Mancy
love it this chapter was amazing cant wait for an update
7/4/2010 c8 likelurking
Just found your story and love it! I loved the complication you set up with Edward's " favor kiss" ... great story so far. I look forward to more!
7/4/2010 c8 kismit1496
grateful you haven't given up! Why do I have a feeling that Jake isn't gone yet? Oooohhhh and can't wait to find out more about Lauren etc augh!
7/4/2010 c8 Svaloh
Thankyou for updating! great chapter!
7/4/2010 c8 1Twilight44
What is E doing? What was he thinking about in the laundry room? He thinks B had sex with Jake doesn't he? He heard and mis interpreted Alice's comment and that is why he fell isn't it!
7/4/2010 c8 Spamella
wow what a great chapter.. i cant wait for more
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