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for So Cruel

1/11/2015 c8 Guest
I intend to finish this?
Come hell or high water?
Fucking liar!
6/17/2014 c8 2goldseadragon
I can't believe I got myself all caught up in this story and didn't notice it's basically abandoned. Crap! I'll follow just in case you ever come back, but I know that rarely happens. This is so good, argh!
4/25/2014 c8 Guest
WHAT? That's it? Discontinued? Man it sucks! I need to know how the story goes :(( you're so cruel indeed..
7/3/2013 c7 BellaAngelin
I really wish you will finish this story I been waiting three years and in the last chapter you said you were not giving up on this story ...looks like you were wrong
6/26/2013 c8 brie pls
i'm dyinggggg please continue just one more chapter I'm begging this story is sooooo awesomeeee seriously you need to give us something please please please!
6/25/2013 c1 brie pls
i love love love love love

this is awesome bella is awesome
1/14/2013 c7 AlexJade
How clueless boys can be!
1/14/2013 c1 AlexJade
Oh no! Edward what did you do?!

What an exciting and heartbreaking plot.
1/7/2013 c1 alisapay1
I've really loved this story and was wondering if it was going to be continued? I've put you on author alert so I don't miss anything but this story is so good and I'm on tender hooks to know what happens next! Thanks so much for writing!
12/12/2012 c8 Guest
as with the name of the title you have been so cruel to me. You lured me in got me hooked and now leave me hanging. If you ever finish this and I hope you do I'll be back
9/23/2012 c8 xtothey
I saw this mentioned on ADF as a fic people desperately want finished - I saw your sweet response. I normally wouldn't read a teen angst fic, but that whole exchanged lured me over. I really enjoyed the 8 chapters that are up - I would probably read the rest with one eye open because angst makes me emo, but I would definitely read. No pressure, just wanted you to know that there is still interest when and if you ever are able to finish.

9/19/2012 c8 Guest
I'm so sad that you abandoned this story. It was so great, and then...nothing.
8/15/2012 c8 India1999
it is SO Cruel of you not to update this wonderful story, it doesn't matter that it has been 2 years,
we are waiting. india
7/27/2012 c8 midnight driver
please tell me you're going to make another chapter?
7/11/2012 c1 Guest
i love it
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