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for So Cruel

9/7/2010 c8 jdije
oh gosh, i'm just addicted.

this story is fantastic.

edward is an idiot, really, really.

but okay, i'm lovin it. xxo
9/5/2010 c2 1TwilightTwist10
I juat looked up the lyrics to the subway song because i couldnt listen to it because my sound is messed up but anyway I can completely understand the scary appeal as song like that would have. I love how you made Bella angry instead of all depressed and needy for Edward (like she was in new moon) its nice to see Bella with a backbone
9/5/2010 c1 TwilightTwist10
I have never related to a Bella than this Bella right here. the pace of this chapter was perfect and it hit the balance perfect not too much angst not too much pining just perfect and I loved what Bella did towards the end I mean I dont think I read a story where Bella has hit Edward and I literally felt my knuckle tingle and my hand shake when it happened to be able to make someone feel that with just words is incredible
8/28/2010 c8 lilg24
brilliant story, looking forward to the updates
8/22/2010 c8 2bookwrm150
okay, seriously? you leave us with such a awesome cliffy and then don't show up for a while? :'( :'( that makes me soo sad. seriously, i love your bella and wait, did i say i love your bella? she's awesome and different and not the same old cliche thing. (and i've been reading FF since '06, i know ALL the plots) this one is different! don't give up! please, please?
8/21/2010 c7 sparlish
This is such a terrific story - please tell me you are going to finish it? !
8/17/2010 c8 2XxmsxMichellexangstxX
Ohh my god! This chapter was AMAZING! please update soon?
8/16/2010 c8 1Love Chloe
Love it
8/14/2010 c1 Naynee
Ugggh. WTF. What an ass.
8/12/2010 c8 NarciCC
WOW! This is a really good story, LOVED IT, I just started to read this story and couldnt stop, I can't wait until you update again. I am soooo proud of Bella for sticking up and defending her friends, Jake is turning out to be a really big problem with is possessiveness. I can't believe Edward would let some skanky chick take advantage of him like that, and also I can't believe he hasn't realized yet how much he cares for Bella, he needs to step up soon or he may loose her. I love this story, please update soooon I must find out what happens in the fight against Royce"the jerk". Thank you for sharing your story with us...
8/10/2010 c8 Scorpio11
Okay, I can't wait to find out how Lauren got Edward to take her to the dance. I suspect she's drugged him at the party based on his reaction, or he's really, really drunk based on his reaction when Bella found them in the laundry room. It may be he's trying to drown the pain from what he thinks Bella did that afternoon with Jake, no doubt the reason for his fall, but I'd rather think poorly of Lauren. I hope friends got out there to help Emmett in time. And I hope Bella really did quash things with Jake. These two (B & E) need to pull their heads out their asses soon and communicate.
8/8/2010 c8 onetwoskidoooo
Update soon PLEASE! :)
8/5/2010 c8 52old4fanfic
Oddly, i googled the words to Eric the Half-a-bee the day before I started reading this fic so I could educate my son in the ways of the python. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate...I hope you don't leave us with this rumble in suburbia unresolved!
8/5/2010 c5 2old4fanfic
love Emmett and the 80's references
8/5/2010 c4 2old4fanfic
wax on. wax off. back to the eighties. woo hoo
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