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6/15/2017 c1 Guest
When will the rewrite be uploaded
2/28/2017 c36 If.I.Should.Die
I'm so hyped you're gonna rewrite! I love your story and I can't wait to read the new and improved version!
12/24/2016 c35 Guest
i loved this story! (yes years late) but you should wright more wizard fics
11/15/2015 c35 Guest
You called alex, mary...
11/15/2015 c24 Guest
Are they wizards? Is Juliet a vampire? Can she bite Alex and turn her into a vampire so she would heal? Also Mason is a werewolf right? So if the baby hadn't been killed, it would be a wizard/werewolf hybrid. Aww it could have been named Xavier if it was a boy and if it was a girl, Seraphina. Also if Mason wasn't a murderer, rapist, abuser, a baby would be sort of cool. ( see me on Archive of Our own, my user name is either bulkheadscreamslikeagirl or Vampire Girl. Occasionally Unknown...)
6/23/2015 c35 Guest
Is their any chance of s sequel? Amazing plot!
11/10/2014 c10 3Ohsochich
It's not impossible to be Bulimic and Anorexic.
It's called... Well I don't remember what it's called, but Demi Lovato had it.
11/10/2014 c7 Ohsochich
I don't really like Dean.
I like Mason, like A LOT.
Because he sweet, really cute, and I think he's really good for Alex.
Which is why I'm really starting to hate this story, but it's just a personal reference.
And I'm assuming yours is complete opposite of mine? Or you just felt like writing this type of story? Or it was a request? ... Not to sound mean/rude or anything, just curious.
11/10/2014 c6 Ohsochich
What the hell? ?
Oh my God, why make Mason the bad guy? I love Mason!
Now I'm sad..
But I have to finish this story now, or it's gonna bug the crap outa me, wondering what the hell happens.
But after this story, I think I;m gonna needs hours and hours of Wizards of Waverly Place Marathon Therapy.. with Mason in it.. starting with Alex Charms A Boy(...is it Charms or Charmed? ? ? ?... oh well. I'll find out later XD)
5/14/2014 c35 Tigris Regner
Love this. Hope there's more where it come from. Good job. Ty. Can't wait to read your other stories.
4/21/2013 c35 3wizardsfanatic10
Just... Wow. I was gonna read a couple chapters and then stop, but I read this whole story in one night. You did a great job of keeping the readers attention. Even if this story was unbearably sad at times, it's amazing. Good job.
1/30/2013 c12 27sreii
Love it so far!
8/18/2012 c31 Guest
pls write! i luv this story and just want it 2 cont.
11/24/2011 c35 4PersonNatalie
can you write a sequal? Please? :)
8/21/2011 c7 12walkthatwalk
Although I'm not a big Dean fan, I really like their relationship in this.
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