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4/20/2012 c1 1Tragon
Actually the manga is retarted and changes some stuff. Besides that, her hair conflicts between blond and brown. And I probably read Maximum Ride before you did. So I am not a newbie. And before you say she is blond, you also have to take in the account where it is stated IN THE BOOK that she has BROWN hair. It is mentioned she has blond hair ALSO. So it is BETWEEN blond and brown hair. NOT JUST BLOND. Besides that, nice story.
1/30/2010 c1 30artyfan
I've honestly always been confused about that. In Saving the Workd and Other Extreme

Spprts, it's blonde. The Final Warning, brown. I have decided it is blonde with brown streaks.
11/13/2009 c1 Rainie16
LOL...AWLL...Fax moment...I like it...LOL...:)
11/11/2009 c1 17Victoria Alatamir Wan
So cute!

11/10/2009 c1 hay000ride
I thought that was absolutely posetutely adorable!

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