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1/25 c1 uzieh
"he didnt make new friends rather he made acquaintances"
it reminds me of that verse from a FUN song,
12/2/2013 c25 1davycrockett100
9/7/2011 c25 1Advent of Insanity
D'awww... It's the end already~~? *pouts*

I hope there's a sequel! =3 I REALLY like this idea/story/fic. Lol.

7/19/2011 c25 1Ero-Senin85
Hi great story.

Firstly I want to ask one thing that I did not understand how did Koutie die meaning what was the impossibility. It was a little unclear.

Secondly Will there be a sequel?

please write a sci fi harry potter fic. I really like your style and I will certainly enjoy that type of stories too.
12/18/2010 c25 Saturnblue
It's been really fun to read where Harry become some type of deity of sort one way or another. Did those Harry Potter related stories have any relations to the rest of the GODHOOD stories regarding Harry. It sound like many different dimensions of Harry became some type of deity or gain Godhood or with God like ability to find his own destination. Each of them seem rather different in the path they all take. Fantastic work.
11/23/2010 c16 Cupitor
very nice
11/21/2010 c25 KayVon
I just finished reading your story and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed by you finishing a story of this scale and magnitude. It tackled so many of the problems left unfinished by the TK series while still incorporating the more interesting stories. I entirely agree with you decision to make Kurai deal with Tai and other issues first and your central conflict with Koutei is not shoddily done in the sense that I can see the foundations of the plot and it's not half-assed.

There are some things I think might be holding your stories back and might be contributing to the lack of readership or reviews. Firstly, the plot definitely has direction but it isn't always clear that it's actually heading there cos of the detours that Kurai makes. I know that all of these detours actually make sense but things like the weeks spent looking for the bottom of the sea seemed pointless and took up almost an hour of reading and did not make sense till the end when Tai-o was found. I was able to meander through them but it might have forced some to give up.

Secondly, while you have a grasp on how to set up intricate plots and events, the intensity I'd expect from an epic of this size wasn't present. My heart didn't start beating faster at the fight scenes nor did I feel that much connection to the OC's. I think part of that has to do with Kurai's disinterest in everyone. When your main character is as such, it is hard to make people feel for the others. I realise that it's part of his personality but there might have been other ways to make us connect to the other characters.

I'm not a writer so my criticisms are only as a reader and what I felt when reading. I hope these help you with the rest of your writing and your sequel.

P.S. Just wondering, did Koutei just disappear or something in the fight cos it went from "Koutei said, thinking Kurai was resigned to his fate, the last thing on his mind was the impossibility of what Kurai planned on doing." to "Kurai said as he sealed the body of the god into a scroll which he then reabsorbed into his body".
11/12/2010 c25 4MysteriousMeadowByTheWaterfall
I love the story but I want to know about Taiki, Tai-ou and Harry's soul mate. It just seamed like you left the story hanging.

Anyway hope you make more story's for TK considering there's not many and your a good writer.
11/1/2010 c25 1Aurora Leon DeLuna
coooooooll next please update a devils handshake
11/1/2010 c25 JanusGodOfPossibilities
Just to ask, when are you posting the 'Horcrux (Dark Curses 5)' part of the Dark Curses series?
10/23/2010 c22 1Ero-Senin85
update soon.
10/22/2010 c2 16Lerris
Juuni Kokki was a great anime and I suppose it probably was a great book as well. The central character was an ordinary high school girl who grew into her role as a queen. She did this without any special powers of her own beyond the skill the Hinman gave. Your Harry is suddenly too powerful, with too many abilities in comparison to Yoko. It just doesn't seem a good fit.
10/22/2010 c1 Lerris
This is an interesting crossover. My only comment, is your scenario of nearly everyone being in on it is implausible. A secret spread that widely could not be kept. You could have easily had a handful of good people that ended up dying, along with only a small set of manipulators and an uncaring populace to achieve a similar effect.
10/21/2010 c22 10CrisscrossAnime
Wow... This story is GREAT! =D Thank you so much for writing this! Kurai sure is getting powerful... But why is he neglecting his country in favour of others?
10/21/2010 c22 1eclipseX
good even though it was short
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