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6/26/2013 c17 8EverythingSlytherin

Why are you torturing me with no sequel?
5/16/2012 c17 10x-Goody2Shoes-x
Fab work! I really enjoyed your take on Jonathan's past. It's interesting to note that Sherry may just have had feelings for Crane in return, as well as them actually sleeping together. In a way that deepens her "betrayal" and I can see why Jonathan would end up really losing it. I also loved your OC, although I found her name a bit Mary-Sueish, but at least she was characterized well.

In short, a fantastic bit of work, you should be proud! So favouriting!
4/14/2012 c17 7Like a Silver Stream
Whoa, amazing, utterly captivating. That is all i have to say.
4/6/2012 c17 5Fell4
I wish you had written more about the friendship between Angela and Pearl, I think it would have been interesting to see how she went from not trusting anyone to becoming best frinds with Angela. Very good story overall! I loved the ending! Very in character! :)

10/17/2011 c17 5MissBliss8527
I like how you've ended it. All kinds of possibilities. I especially like that you've kind of ended it with Crane's chuckle lingering.
12/26/2010 c17 Stardust Flare
Fantastic story, I couldn't stop reading it. I'm so glad I discovered your story after you'd completed it, because I think I would have gone insane waiting for each chapter.

I love your portrayal of Crane, and your original character. Great story idea, and very well put together. :)

I REALLY hope you get inspired to do a sequel to this story, it was fantastic (I was so bummed when I was finished reading it!).
9/26/2010 c4 1FlowersWither
Wow, that was absolutely amazing. You showed Jonathan’s transformation from a frightened and bullied teenager to a cold hearted and sadistic man in a perfect way. This chapter was really emotionally gripping and engaging.

There was something poetic and symbolic in the role Sherry played in the change inside Jonathan. I loved the emotional intensity and the vivid descriptions. I think the way you altered the story from the comics is really appropriate and worked very well.

And I think the whole scene where Jonathan murdered Sherry was disturbingly beautiful and somewhat ambiguous. It was really chilling and dark, and I loved it. I liked how you portrayed his inner battle, and hinted to the birth of Scarecrow in his head. And the line that said he didn’t feel anything gave me shivers.
9/26/2010 c3 FlowersWither
What an amazing chapter. I loved the way you described Crane’s inner turmoil, and the way his so called peace is threatened by Pearl. The way you describe him makes his thoughts and inner workings of his mind seem like a very dark place.

I also really loved the flashback. I like to read about Crane’s younger years, and you’ve done an amazing job describing all the angst and frustration he had to go trough. I liked your portrayal of young Jonathan: there is something very sad about him, but also it shows the beginnings of the monster he will become.

I loved how you described his relationship with Sherry, his feelings and the whole awkwardness of the situation. I really love this story, and this was another amazing chapter.
9/26/2010 c2 FlowersWither
I loved this chapter. It showed Crane in his true and sinister colors. I liked how you made him cold, self-important and aware of his own high intelligence and power over the others. The way he is talking to his patient is really creepy. And the way he reacted when he saw the picture in the locker was really amazing and disturbing. You left very little humanity in him, and I like that you are showing this sadistic side of him.

The fact that Pearl is Sherry’s sister is a great idea, and I think very original. I liked how you made a reason for Crane to notice her, because he is too self absorbed in his own superiority to take interest in another human being. It really is unfortunate for her to draw his attention. I also liked Pearl’s observations on Crane, how she is disappointed in him, and is not instantly attracted.

I loved that chapter, it was great.
9/26/2010 c1 FlowersWither
This is a very intriguing and interesting beginning of a story. Your prose is again rich and fluent, and makes the story even better.

I really liked your OC. The glimpses of a back story you provided for her were definitely not boring or unnecessary, and they served as introduction to the reader. You made her a real human being and I really liked her personality, or at least the bits you showed. I also liked the fact, that she is a nurse, and not an intern, like in most stories. The little details about her past really made her character likable and more complete.

I loved how you described Crane through her eyes and perceptions. Your portrayal of him is very accurate and in character. He is cold, arrogant, the way he has to be. His body language and reactions are just perfect. He gives off a chilling vibe, and I liked that.

I loved this first chapter, it was great.
9/11/2010 c17 5ViveWonderland
That was freaking awsome, I love it. ;)
8/24/2010 c17 shyeri
Wow, this story has been wonderful to read! The ending will haunt me for awhile sadly, but I plan on going back and re-reading my favorite parts in the story! I do hope you do a short sequel, It would be interesting if she told Crane what a big mistake he made killing Sherry. Anyways, keep up the good work and I look foreward to new stories in the future!
8/22/2010 c17 olivia
i bow to you.to you and to every inch of this amazing story!i adored the open ending,but i still hands down want a sequel{please?}!what i loved most about this chapter is the fact that crane ended up killing the last bit hope{sherry}for himself.cruel irony at its finest.and i loved that pearl's nickname was pea.that so darling!moving on,thank you so,so much for taking the time in writing and posting the wonderful peice of art.
8/21/2010 c17 simsbabii lazyy
I hope you know that I effing love you. I'm a tad sad that there won't be a sequel, because you set up for one so gloriously.

I'm tempted to take on the project myself, but I know for a fact I could never do your character justice.

Again, I love you and this story.

8/21/2010 c17 18LoliPear the WaltzQueen
Ths poor woman will be stalked until the end of her days. Woderful story, I would have liked a sequel or something of the sort, but this is fine with me for an end. Have a nice day, and thanks for the enjoyable read.
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