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6/28/2010 c8 14MidnightHalcyon
This is really interesting.
6/25/2010 c8 1MHfan11794
Update soon :)
6/25/2010 c8 Veronica
Wow this is really good so far! I can see it happening on the show...I just hope for some EO ness in future chapters :D
6/25/2010 c8 13PeaceMariiPeace
I really like it so far! The last 2 chapters creeped me out a bit. continue!
2/15/2010 c6 Fernanda K
I'm loving your story, really. I was a little scared at first about Rob, but when you said that Elliot is Liv's fantasy it was gone. hahahaha

Please, keep writing! *-*
12/29/2009 c4 2Sybil Olivier
Haha I dont knw wht u want from me, but this story is pretty interesting :) ust keep it up, it is kinda slow though,...just keep posting :)
12/28/2009 c4 SCOOBFAN93
12/12/2009 c3 prolixic
The story overall is good. Some dialog that I wouldn't expect from some characters, but not weird enough to ruin the story. Im not an E/O shipper so the kiss was fine, haha. The dialog between Elliot and Olivia seemed a little out there... but again didnt really ruin the story...
11/27/2009 c2 4Human With Angel Wings
nice job

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