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for ROMY Round Robin Like a Bat out of Hell

7/27/2012 c11 1IrisAyame
I can't wait to read the sequel, so, just a little thing about a sentence including French :
You wrote : Remy gave her a skeptical once-over. "Oui, chère. You did."
You should turn it into : "Si, ma chère. You did."

7/27/2012 c10 IrisAyame
Ahhhh! Cliffie! But... what do I see in my screen's right corner? Yess! the "NEXT" button!
Thanks for small miracles!
7/27/2012 c9 IrisAyame
A chapter as succulent as the previous one!
I can't help but feel like a child in front of a Christmas Tree while reading your story! That's just GREAT!

7/27/2012 c8 IrisAyame
Ooooh! great great great! This chapter made me laugh so loudly that I was rewarded by a dark look from my neighbour (but as he is also my one and only love, he'll forget me for disturbing his own reading time). Rogue was really excellent in this chapter and I'm proud of her. It should be quite hard to resist Remy's charm!

But, really, "Lapin" ? that means "rabbit" in French. Was it on purpose? Is there really a "Lapin" in the Thief Guild? By the way, shouldn't we say "Thieves Guild"?

Lova ya all, this story is awesome!

Iris (French reader, which explains lots of questions and remarks and awkward sentences in the reviews! )
7/27/2012 c7 IrisAyame
I just looooove Etienne's "interview"! This part is ex-cel-lent! Congrats!
"Rogue snorted inelegantly. "I can save those assassins the trouble, you know."" mwahahahahaha! : that's totally hilarious! Thanks for writing this! I needed it!

Oho! the part between Bella Donna and Remy was succulent too!

French part (French reviewer and all here)
"And what are you going to do about this, homme?" : same thing than in chapter 5. You can't say that like this. You have to say "And what are you going to do about this, mec?" in order to sound French. OR, more funny : "And what are you going to do about this, p'tit malin?" (you young clever one?)

"Find out what she wants," Henri cut him over, "and lay the charm on real thick. Comprenez?" "and lay the charm on real thick. Compris?" OR (even better because it's a slang word (but a correct one, not a... below the belt one)) "and lay the charm on real thick. Pigé?"

n'est ce pas? : just a little detail "n'est-ce pas?"

"Take it or leave it, chér." : "cher" in the masculine form can't be embellished with an accent, that's always "cher". Furthermore, she'd say "chéri" (: honey or sweety), much more ironical than "mon cher"

Aaand... I'm skipping to the next chapter!

7/27/2012 c5 IrisAyame
I'm so enthralled by the story that I won't write a very long review. To make it short : I like it.
To make it efficient, there is a small thing you have to change in a sentence, in order to be correct, according to the French language (French reviewer here) :

"We're talking about some serious issues here, homme. you should have written "We're talking about some serious issues here, mec" OR "We're talking about some serious issues here, mon gars" OR "We're talking about some serious issues here, mon garçon" (this last one means "my boy", so, Remy should technically be older, but as he is the leader of the Chief Guilde, he could use it even if he were to be younger).
Note for the future :
You can't simply translate "man" by "homme" in every sentence, that doesn't sound French enough this way. In fact, we never use it in order to directly speak to someone. Same thing with "femme" (except for the times when "femme" means "wife" : with a possessive word like my or your).

Hop! skipping to the next chappie!
1/28/2012 c14 6lex-F
So i really like this story, and i was just wondering if it was ever going to be updated. I mean its almost been a year since it was updated.
11/25/2011 c14 5Hotgirlow
update soon it's great.
11/12/2011 c14 6Immortalfantasylover
This is really good so far. Please update soon! Rogue with a frying pan kind of reminds me of Tangled :)
10/28/2011 c14 1fannut
Wow I love this! It's really cool to read a story written by so many vary talented authors working together. I can't wait to see what all of you come up with next!
9/16/2011 c14 1Blonde-Existentialist
Surprisingly cohesive for a round robin I must say! Plus the story is quite entertaining and has a number of interesting aspects. Do hope y'all keep it up!
9/10/2011 c14 slightlyxjaded

First off, awesome idea to write this as a group...the few that I am familiar with are at the top of my favorites list. This story is nowhere near cliche and I haven't read anything like it thus far. So many plot twists just waiting to happen it seems. I can't wait until you guys (hopefully) update because it's an awesome collaboration on a great story. Thank you to all of you =]
8/29/2011 c14 2CraZy-InsanNe995
Update soon as possable pleasE! i cant wait to read more from you!
5/6/2011 c14 Reny21
this really good are you going to update? :)
4/15/2011 c5 1MaddAlice
The waitress kinda reminds me of Sookie Stackhouse, at least in description anyways.
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