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for Bloodline of the Last Namikaze

4/23/2020 c4 1Currahee506
6/5/2019 c4 fluttershywinde
Wish this had more chapters
9/16/2018 c4 6my 2 guys
that was good keep the chapters coming
6/11/2018 c4 my 2 guys
that was good keep the chapters coming
1/29/2017 c4 Raskator
I don't know why but I just laughed my ass of with the ending sentence 'it all started when' and I just started laughing again
good plot though. can't wait for the next chapter


11/6/2016 c4 Guest
4/27/2014 c3 Dracoessa
Damn, that was scary!
4/27/2014 c2 Dracoessa
Sweet, and I hope that the hokage rips the power the uke kissers. (Aka civillian coincil and senile council, aka elder council)
3/31/2014 c4 strabimonx
1/30/2014 c4 loganghanson
This story is awesome! You should continue this awesomeness
1/24/2014 c4 My Hopes and Dreams
plz update soon because this just the beginning! and I hope Sakura is in this harem
12/23/2013 c4 killer4853
please update
10/12/2013 c4 Queen Of Twilight Storm
Please continue this story...
7/4/2013 c4 Dracoessa
Kukukuk! Heads up konoha, the "paria"has woken up.
7/4/2013 c3 Dracoessa
I hope that the civilians, civilian and elder councils are praying to kami.
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