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5/1/2016 c1 Guest
His name is Paul Lahote.
10/20/2013 c3 12Rosalie.rock
Paul's last name is lahote
5/1/2013 c8 Rebecca
it was short but really good next time maybe add more detail to help expend the size of the story
8/15/2012 c8 VampireQueen
I love your story. Sorry I didnt review on every page but I do hope you continue because I love how the story is going. I could not stop reading it
2/9/2010 c8 5clo123456
Please write a sequal to this story! There's soo many loose ends! x
2/9/2010 c4 clo123456
This story is great! x
1/27/2010 c8 Aya Takahashi
You can continue or add a sequel. I really love the story. More power to your writing :)
11/23/2009 c8 4LadyPirate13
oh...my.god..i love it, souch a new way to get readers in, oh boy i wonder hoe her farthers goin to reach, oh paul going ot whaen he ees everything, how the will act. if there will be war or now so mny questions, please please review,its so good.

keep writing,

11/21/2009 c3 4ChemicalyBizare
omg that was the best description i have ever read on imprinting! :)
11/21/2009 c8 3SabbyDie
Interesting ending
11/21/2009 c8 julia
11/17/2009 c7 heather2012
that was amazing
11/17/2009 c7 1Mukuwa.Renu.Koi
omg wow 3 in one day u r officially the awsomest! lol wow melanie is feirce! the suspense was killing e! very well written! keep it up and i shall spare you lol jk!
11/17/2009 c5 false account
It's such an original plot. Very creative, it's very fun to read! :D
11/17/2009 c5 lalaland
YAY I'm so excited about this story and you've been so great about updating, keep it up please I can't wait to see what happens next!
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