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4/15/2017 c9 ceee-chan
I thank you, thank you, thank you very much for publishing such a masterpiece~! There are so many fics with Pirate!England out there, and so far, not to offend but, this one is what I enjoyed the best~!

I love this. Thanky you. I love the way how you write. Your writing style is so nice~! And I love how you made Arthur a really sweet? pirate! And, yes! I love how you made Kiku so cute, too~~!

ありがとう ございました。
7/6/2013 c9 1CommanderLibra
I love it! Made this my favorite too... 3
5/20/2012 c7 10seaofinferno
UGH! It was supposed to be, in this certain chapter, that he attempts suicide! BUT! THen, Arthur comes to the rescue!
5/20/2012 c3 seaofinferno
Poor Yao! No, like seriously, it's so, well, sad! But, yea' know!
5/15/2012 c9 2ivyterasu
awwwwwwww so beautiful and exciting! i loooooove it

really love it OwO i wish i could see the doujinshi TTATT
3/24/2012 c1 lilalovex
high five Arther.:)
1/18/2012 c9 4Grimm2
The ending (end of chapter 8) was great! Made me crack a smile at how the crew teased them at the ending there.

Ah, I truly do love Asakiku. And writing Pirate!Arthur is hard without making him either too wimpy/romatic-like and unpirate-y or too mean. But guess who did a pefect job of keeping the balance? You. yes. Kudos to you.

Really enjoyed this xD Imma fav it now.

*checks profile real quick* Yeeees! More Asakiku! I'm going to read that now!
1/11/2012 c9 1hetarynnies
That was a great read! I just started shipping AsaKiku but your fic definitely appealed to me! I feel kind of sorry for Yao though, but Kiku and Arthur have such a lovely relationship together!

Thanks for writing!
10/19/2010 c9 Anonymous something
I just want to say that you are a GREAT author [and today was my birthday and you just made me HAPPEH]

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. Please update some of your Arthur X Kiku fanfics like "Call My Name".
10/3/2010 c8 2Coffeehouse Hermit
Oh, yeah. Iggipan is the best. Especially when Iggy is a pirate! I loved this, from start to finish. :)
9/30/2010 c8 Czarina Hart
Oh my gosh that was amazing! Best fanfiction I've read in a while. I'd love to see this as a doujishi as well.
6/17/2010 c9 74the corrupted quiet one
I've read this story many times over, but only now have I actually taken time to give you a proper review-and I feel horrible that I didn't any sooner.

This story is really good, so well written, and I think you just did an amazing job. I admire your writing style too, and the whole plot was so...compelling. I can be a pretty picky person and since this is like my OTP, that just means I usually get even pickier when looking through fanfictions, but this story it's just so...gripping, it captures everything and you did so well-well doesn't even start to cover it.

It's always great to reread and I think what you wrote here is a beautiful masterpiece of writing. It was an honour just to read. I hope you continue writing because you have real talent.
5/26/2010 c8 chromiumincast

Wow...I really admire the way you write...There's no way I can compare T.T. I also admire your resolve-I'can't write such long stories without KO-ing and losing interest (normally because no one ever reviews).

Keep it up!
1/11/2010 c9 1strangelyimmature
One. I don't think you'd have to write this chapter :))

but still. Its fanservice. Sometimes you need it for your story to sell.

Though I praise you for your writing style. Your sex scenes are not as overwhelming as the others'. Its very readable (not unlike pure lemons)

and there's sense to the story.

You don't call this yaoi. You call it a real story. Yaoi is pointless. Your story has a point. I like it.
1/1/2010 c9 MOVEDCIS
OMGOSH...THAT WAS FREAKING AMAZING. THAT WAS AMAZING. OMYHOSH. dude. i read it all in one sitting and I'm like flipping out on my bed. HOLY COW MAN best Arthur/Kiku i ever read. Awesome Job. XD i hope i dont sound crazy or anything but that was a good story. good job. why cant most arthur/kiku fics be like this? *has a mini rant* ah well. Like I said a million times before. good. freaking. job. you. amazing. person. NOW TO SLEEP because it's 4 in the morning...
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