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12/12/2009 c1 19draco122
i clapp my hands. Nice job. Don't worry about your writing mine sucks really bad. I loved this story. Raven was just funny. The part where Raven admitted it. Was great. The last line was a great one. Nice job.

Draco 122
11/25/2009 c1 3titanfan45
You can't go wrong with BB/Rae fluff! I especially liked the ending when she said "You're still not funny." And his reply that he could live with that.
11/16/2009 c1 1Rose Aidal
I used to always watch TT! it was one of my favs :) but anywho this particular story is pretty amazing, i must say. very much in character, well as much as it can be with Raven admitting she likes somebody, or even having those feelings. but i thought Raven and BB were pretty spot-on. good job!
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