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for Burning Hearts

11/19/2009 c5 sprazinko
Man why did she have to ruin it and bring up edward
11/19/2009 c1 Jake Luva

Im liking this...

U know Im like ur biggest Fan so...

I will continue to read on...


there doesnt seem to be any Jake Sightings in the near future...I still love him thou...
11/19/2009 c5 FallForYourType
Ew! Aro! GROSS! lol thank goodness Alec was walking to her room and Aro stopped his nastiness. lol great chapter girly. I love how you described Alec and Bella's little moment lmao. are vamps bipolar. Hilarious! lol Update soon. and New Moon at Midnight! HELL YEAH!
11/19/2009 c5 jazzvamp90
Bella Bella Bella. *shakes head* Alec is not bi-polar. He is a seventeen year old boy who is jealous. Get with the program! lol

Great chapter! I loved it! I hope to see more of a happy Alec. I like him. :)

Looking forward to the next chapter!
11/19/2009 c4 AliceW
i like your story; Aro wants Bella, Alec wants her too, and Edward well we all know ... How all this is going to be resolved? three men and one woman...

What dis Alec for Bella is really a proof of his interest of her. Spear humans lives and free them... woua. How Aros is going to react to that?

i hope you'll post another chapter soon
11/19/2009 c4 1missyhiggins101
i luv this! at the start i was thinking it would be Alec and then when it was Aro i was like $H!T this is so not happening. and by the end of this chapter i was like Aro cant touch him anymore and then Alec remembers. Like our minds are on the same funtion! :) Keep on going and i dont care how many chapters u put in this thing coz ill live thhrough it and enjoy every moment of it! :) just plz dont make any wasted chapters coz they ruin the whole story for everyone! :( kepp it up! :9 :) :D :P
11/19/2009 c4 3Jasper'sPrincess213
I loved this chapter! Best one so far. I really loved seeing everything from Alec's pov and hope to see more of it in the future!
11/18/2009 c4 2XxXIvyHaleXxX
love it
11/18/2009 c4 FallForYourType
Damn, talk about conflicting issues. Poor Alec, he needs to fight for her now. shit, f*ck Aro and Edward, try to win her heart over. Edward once left her, and Aro is... Aro and Alec, just go for it! lol Great chapter chica. I love how he is fighting his inner feelings and how Edward can hear his thoughts. lmao, sucks to be in Edward's shoes having to listen to people's thoughts now huh? lol update soon :)
11/18/2009 c4 marcusamatclara
love it:) keep updating
11/18/2009 c4 ahlieluvstwilight
im really liking this story is pretty good...
11/18/2009 c4 patito
Great story I love Alec`s POVĀ“s... Keep going!
11/18/2009 c4 2arizona.96
ohh so twisted Can't wait for more! :D
11/18/2009 c4 sprazinko
wonder whats going to happen now will aro find will alec get her
11/18/2009 c4 AliasPaine
AWESOME! :) :)
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