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for Burning Hearts

4/14/2011 c21 Darbz
Its really amazing.
3/21/2011 c21 2Heeyooo
OhMyGawd. Love the story! But did Nattie have to die? :(
3/19/2011 c21 BeckaR
Awesome love this story can't wait for more
2/12/2011 c21 jilightbookworm
Really really cool!

can't wait for next chapter!
2/8/2011 c21 MydearSammeh
PLEASE update. This is pretty much the only Bella & Alec fanfic, that I've actually loved! You're wrting is perfect, and I am in love with the way you portray them. It's amazing. It's been a month. UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE 3 I am dying to see Alec and Bella "together together" -wiggles eyebrows-

And I'm impatiently waiting for the outcome. D:
1/24/2011 c21 12lolo14998
1/23/2011 c21 Bella Fahy
Omg I'm crying! =( this isn't the end if the story is it? Cuz I really want to read more! I don't want nattie to die =( is she going to change? And what about Bella and Alec? Omg I love this story and I haaaaaate Edward! Grr I'll kill him! Update soon please? =)
1/11/2011 c21 QueenLight20007
This is so cool! Pls upd8!
1/6/2011 c21 67MoonPrincess623
No! Why did the past Alec do that? I'm confused, what is going on in that Warlock's head?
1/6/2011 c21 1PaulIsaHAwttie
love your story its getting so exciting i do hope they fine one another
1/6/2011 c21 20crazyperson17
dun dun dun!
1/6/2011 c21 1corneliastreet10

pretty pretty pwease!

1/5/2011 c21 24EmpressHimiko
11/13/2010 c13 1Warning Creative Zone
Like i promised. I have stalked this story.
10/13/2010 c20 7MichelleRae
You definately need to update! I love this can't wait for more!
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