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10/18/2014 c2 cybercorpsesnake
Hilarious chapter. Needs work on the larger paragraphs. Keep up the good work.
10/18/2014 c1 cybercorpsesnake
Good first chapter. Well written. Keep up the good work.
9/13/2014 c11 coolgal02
Read ur stuff I give it five star rating beciz most ending I hate but this one was good. PS I LLLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEDDDDD it I just hate Hasbro for canceling the show
5/17/2012 c6 Cure Cybertron
Oh man, that was so funny. I'd just wish I was there to see that in person. lol
12/18/2011 c6 Dragonformer23
It was soooooooo funny Inearly laughted my but off
10/8/2011 c11 21CDR. Grae
Awww... it's a really cute ending! it's so romantic! now i understand your other funny story. keep it up! :)
1/5/2011 c9 23Rose Jennison
Overall, this was a great chapter. Lots of drama, and of course a little Sentinal abuse to round it out. :)

My only issue is with Billy getting caught by Rachet's magnetic abilities. Billy is human, thus not made of metal, so the magnets shouldn't have don't anything at all.
7/20/2010 c11 kaitamis
This whole story was good you did vary good.
2/23/2010 c11 3The Girl with Fuzzy Socks
I know what I'm going to do when my friends come to school...


That made me laugh.

Tasha... she's the one with Jazz, right? I need to look it up.

Anyway, when you go to the stories tab, edit your story so it says 'Complete'
2/21/2010 c1 no longer on fanfic 1
I absolutely love stories like these, especially yours! Keep going! :) Oh, by the way, love the insults on Senital you did.

- My idea if u wanna use-

Senital:"Back off orangic-scum!"

Me: "I wasn't even touching you!"

Senital:"I order you to back off!"

Me:(grabs a phaser gun pointing at Senital) :)

Senital:(Runs off like a big baby.)

Me: "Your in my command now buddy-boy!" :)
1/29/2010 c10 pokemonjkl
pls make more update soon.
1/11/2010 c9 The Girl with Fuzzy Socks
I wrote a really awesome review, and FFnet deleted it. Curse you AquaScan!

Anyway, it said to try to spellcheck your work to get some common minor repeated errors out, by either spellchecking on Open Office (I use it so... It is safe)

It also said that your characters are offical not Sues, although the venom may change that for Crystal...

Dang... That review was good and it disappeared... Oh well, you don't mind a short review for a short chapter, do you? Also, thank you for writing this story. My hopes are now up to write a story of my own.

1/11/2010 c10 The Girl with Fuzzy Socks
Oh my! I feel extremely sorry for you. I have two brothers, so if something happened to them, I would do the same thing you did.

Also, to avoid someone going on here and rudely flaming you for not following the rules, add the next chapter onto this as an edit.

Don't worry, take as much time as you need. Best wishes to your brother!

((Writer's Block? Try writing a plot bunny, just to get into writing mode. Look up 'Transformers Plot Bunnies'))
12/30/2009 c8 The Girl with Fuzzy Socks

I liked how you did BB/SS. It's one of my favorite couples *beam*

Anyway, BA sounds a bit too much on the ... Er... Well, like she has an extra super power to charm guys, to make it not involve some nasty words. However, she does act like this in the real show, but toned down some. I suggest you do the same, and keep the romance to a point in which won't end up BA spawning a new generation... Yeah, that wouldn't be good.

When reading the part in which it Sadie compared Prowl to a butterfly, there is a Youtube video called 'Prowl is a Butterfly' Have you seen it? Listen/watch it if a major ProwlxSadie scene occurs.

The characters you mentioned being coupled, will they appear at the end of the story as an end? Like, the main characters return to real life to talk with them (may/may not tell about what happened), but the main characters go back to TFA?

:-) :-) You've really improved :-) :-)

The couples are blossoming in this chapter, with hints of action. If you make any major changes to your character(s) I suggest you take the Mary Sue test again.

Hehe, everyone's being coupled up. I'm hoping for more Waspy, for he is a comedic relief in a serious time. Just remember, he talks in third person, he adds -bot to a word describing the person for that person's name,and his s sound usually turns into z... Ex. 'Wazpinator izz hungry' 'Wazzp forgivezz Bumble-bot... But Wazpinator NEVER forgivezz' 'Spider-bot give Wazpinator kiss now?'

Trust me, it's okay that your late. I was orignally going to write a story, in which the first major event would be Halloween. Yeah... Not good. Fuzy-bot needs hugz from Bumble-bot *Bumblebee flees for his life*
12/28/2009 c1 1That One Artsy Kid
HAHA! Sentinel totally got what he deserves! Finally got around to favoriting this story! I almost fell out of my chair imagining Sential's face when. He thought the paint was slime! Can't wait for Crystal to freak out about BA. Wonder if she'll pull any pranks on her. Hmm... Sentianl's arrival totally gave me an idea for my story. Now if I can just get around to writing it! Anyway, update soon! PLEASE! PRETTY PLEASE!
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